Silesian Christmas’ traditions

Christmas is an unique time for everybody, specifically for Catholics. There are Christmas tree, provides and naturally traditions. In every region in Poland, there are different traditions and superstitious notions. Silesian voivodeship has a long story and lots of customs which are commemorated only there. ‘Dzieciontko’ brings presents, ichthyosis under plates, unique dishes like ‘moczka’ and ‘makówki’ and unmissable ‘Pasterka’.

There are many interesting traditions which exist just in Silesia voivodeship. Christmas Eve is a really essential day for everybody. Silesian individuals believe that on that day, they have to get up earlier to assist each other organize the solemn supper. Other than getting up earlier, there are many other trivia about how Christmas should look like and what is important to be on the Christmas Eve’s dinner, called in Silesia the ‘Wilijo’.

‘Wilijo’ (or ‘Wigilia’ in the Polish language), so the Christmas Eve, is, as it was mentioned, a very big day. The solemn supper differs from the traditional dinner. Everybody uses smart attire and it begins with checking out the Bible, prayer. In some houses, people likewise pray for the dead. Then, Polish individuals share the Christmas wafer. Christmas wafer (‘opłatek’) is a Christmas custom celebrated mainly in Poland throughout Christmas Eve’s dinner on 24th December. The Christmas wafer represents the unity of the household and during sharing it, everyone wants each other Merry Christmas.

There is likewise one extremely important tradition which obtains in Silesia. If you sit at the table, you can not stand up till the end of Christmas Eve’s supper. Nevertheless, if somebody knocks, custom obliges to open and invite the unexpected visitor. Another Christmas custom associated to, discussed, unexpected guest. Polish individuals leave one empty place at the table. An empty place is an expression of uniformity with lonely ones. It presents our preparedness for an unanticipated guest and this is why this location is totally set, precisely like others, so there is a plate, bowl, cutlery etc.


Additionally, under the plate, there has to be at least one ichthyosis, which, after the supper, has to be put into the wallet. This superstitious notion is called the Lucky Ichthyosis. The ichthyosis is from (normally) Christmas’ carps, which are consumed during the solemn dinner. The ichthyosis is expected to attract cash for the entire year.

Christmas presents are a typical tradition throughout Poland. However, only in Silesia, baby Jesus brings presents– not Santa Claus, Star or Dad Christmas. Baby Jesus (in Silesia voivodeship called ‘Dzieciontko’) himself, is offering presents to children and adults. This is the reason why the nativity scene is always beneath the Christmas tree. Baby Jesus has to belong to rest.

Midnight Mass is a successive tradition in the whole nation, but in Silesian voivodeship, it is unmissable for every follower. It is called the ‘Pasterka’ and is commemorated during the night in between 24 and 25 December. Throughout that solemn mass, individuals sing traditional Christmas carols in the spirit of happiness.

The most popular meals in Silesia are ‘moczka’, ‘siemieniotka’, ‘makówki’, ‘panczkraut’ or sauerkraut with mushrooms, soup from fish’s heads and compote from drought fruit.


It is generally served as a dessert, but in some cases it may likewise be acted as a dish. There is no comparable for it, even in the Polish language. Despite the fact that ‘moczka’ might not look appealing, it tastes tasty. ‘Moczka’ is made from gingerbread which has to take in lager. Then, sweet canned pears and plums, strawberry’s compote and almonds are included. The preparation is quite simple however takes some time. After the solemn Christmas’ dinner, ‘moczka’ is served for a dessert.


It is a soup made from hemp seed. The hemp seeds are prepared and then separated from the shells. They are grounded into a paste and mixed with milk. It is served with kasha (employed Silesia the pagan kasha) or croutons.


Probably the most delicious dessert for Christmas. In lots of Silesian houses, it is impossible to picture Christmas without a bowl with ‘makówki’. Similarly to ‘moczka’, ‘makówki’ are prepares only throughout Christmas time. They are served sweet with dried fruit. Although the invoices often vary from one family to another, the structure is always the exact same– the poppy!


It is nothing else than potatoes with sauerkraut, well blended and experienced. It deserves pointing out that the ‘panczkraut’ is an incredibly popular dish in Upper Silesia and is prepared not only throughout Christmas.

Sauerkraut with mushrooms

It is a standard and domestic receipt for Christmas Eve’s dinner. Delicious mushroom sauerkraut is one of the Christmas Eve meals that people await throughout the year. In lots of homes, it is required to have it on the Christmas table.

Soup from fish’ heads

As the name itself indicated, this is a soup made from fish’ heads, generally carps. Although the cooking process does not look encouraging, its taste is very delicious. It is served typically with croutons.

Compote from drought fruit

By some loved, by others hated. Dried fruit compote is always served in salad bowls (never ever in glasses or cups) and just throughout Christmas Eve’s supper. It is made from dried and smoked fruit like apples, pears and plums. Some individuals add likewise raisins.

Christmas is an annual event honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. It is preceded by Introduction, so the time of waiting.

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