Henry Street Christmas tradition will not being going ahead for the first time

A tradition of Henry Street traders setting up their stalls a minute after midnight marking the run-up to the busy Christmas duration will not go on for the first time ever.

Talks are still in motion in between traders and Dublin City Council in a compromise offer to permit a restricted number of them to work after the regional authority banned them from working in a letter on November 11th due to Covid-19 issues.

Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu, the Committee for Casual Traders and the City board authorities fulfilled 11 days ago to work out a compromise deal.

Each of the traders got letters from the Council late recently inquiring would they want to have some deal with Moore Street, Liffey Street and Coles Lane to meet social distancing restrictions.

As a result settlements are still ongoing with the 40 stallholders regarding how many wanted to get involved and how many would be on each street.

A choice is expected this week a Council authorities verified.

Yearly custom

Independent councillor Christy Burke and long-time advocate of the traders had actually interested Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, as a Dublin male and in the spirit of Christmas to intervene in the impasse, today which will see their “incomes decimated even further”.

At a meeting of the City board councillors on Monday night unanimously backed the relocate to meet street traders by the end of the week.

Cllr Burke said he was “disappointed” that the Archbishop would not become involved to broker an arrangement when the traders embody the tradition of the joyful season. The street traders feel as if they are being victimised

The reality

that their annual tradition of establishing stalls in the early hours of every December 1st is not taking place this year is devastating not simply for them but for everyone who works around there.

“They are the very essence of Christmas on Henry Street. They are all ready to abide by every restriction that is asked of them. If they might even trade for two to three weeks would be an aid.”

Cllr Burke along with the late Mr Gregory, a TD for Dublin North Central, were both associated with fighting for the rights of the Moore Street traders in the 1980s.

“The traders are an important part of our history and culture for a long time. They need all the assistance they can get from the Council due to the Covid-19 constraints,” he added.

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