Christmas traditions in Poland – Blonde meets the Locals

Every country and every household have their own traditions. Chrstmas in Poland is understood for its 12 meals. As opposed to lots of other nations, the 24th of December is THE Christmas day when the primary event takes place. There are many other things that the Polish do on that day. Let me inform you about a few of them.

12 meals

Let’s begin with a timeless. 12 main courses need to be prepared and taken in on Christmas Eve. They are symbolizing the 12 apostles, however also 12 months in a year. Many families invest days preparing the Christmas feast that can only be composed of fish and vegetables. That’s it, you read it right, no meat on the table on the 24th. Likewise, do you think that any person wants to consume the remainder of the fish the next day when the table is filled with ribs, stakes advertisement other meat delicacies? No way, a lot of food goes to waste. As a good visitor, you likewise need to attempt ALL the meals. It will bring you a healthy and solvent year.

christmas in poland

Sharing a wafer It’s an old Polish tradition. Apparently, it begun in the 18th century. Christmas wafer (opłatek) is a symbol of reconciliation, friendship, and love. The Polish share it at the start of the Christmas Eve supper wanting each other all the best for the upcoming year.

Additional plate at the table

Traditionally, at a Christmas Eve dinner, there will constantly be an extra, empty plate on the table. This place is reserved for somebody in need. If anyone comes to your door, specifically on that day, you ought to invite them over. No one should be alone during Christmas.

Hay under the table fabric

A couple of stalks of hay under a table cloth are expected to represent the simple conditions in which Jesus came to life. This spiritual sign is expected to bring success to the family for the approaching year.

Sianko wigilijne

The very first star Christmas Eve supper can start only after the very first star can be seen in the sky. Obviously, that star was the one that led the Three Kings to the place where Jesus was born.

Christmas candle light

On the Christmas table you can’t miss a Christmas candle light. It’s a symbol of light that Jesus gives every house. Likewise, it’s an invite for the family to sign up with the table.

Feel free to share other traditions from your nations in the remarks!

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