Christmas Traditions in Australia, UK, America and All Around the World

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Some of the most ancient and strong cultures exist because they have various significant traditions to back them up. The Christian Christmas Traditions have always been more robust and lovely, giving these events a global significance that even the non-Christian world likes to be a part of them. In this article, we will be talking about Christmas Traditions in various cultures and their significance.

The article has two parts: the first one talks about various Christmas traditions around the world. The second part brings information about Christmas traditions for couples, kids, and families, mostly personal. So let us now move ahead and detail the mentioned traditionschristmas traditions

Christmas Traditions Around the World

The people in the United States are used to various international traditions such as decorating Christmas Tree, singing Christmas songs, and planning Christmas dinners. However, many other Christmas traditions are famous around the world. There is always something unique about those traditions so let us discuss those in detail and see what they have to offer. 

  • The Icelandic Christmas Tradition:

While the people of the United States celebrate 12 Christmas days, the number is 13 in Iceland. Their favorite tradition is about 13 Yule Lads visiting children and leaving them candies and gifts. If you don’t know abou Christmas meaning then you must read our article related to Christmas Meaning. Parents tell their kids to go to bed in time so that they can find their offerings in the morning. To become eligible, the kids have to place their shoes in front of the windows before going to bed.

  • The Finnish Christmas Tradition:

The people of Finland are accustomed to one of the most unique and weird Christmas Celebrations. The Finnish families prepare milk porridge for breakfast on Christmas Day. They add milk, butter, or cinnamon to this tasty pudding. If one of the people eating the porridge finds an almond in their bowl, he/she is the winner. However, some parents cheat as well to make their kids happy by letting them be the winner.

  • The Kiwi Christmas Tradition:

The Christmas Traditions in New Zealand and Australia vary from the rest of the world, mainly because they enjoy the summer season during Christmas time. So the families plan a fun picnic with their friends and family out in the open for a cookout. Kiwis use a different Christmas Tree species known as Pohutukawa, which is quite good at providing shadow from sunlight, and they bring it alongside their party.

  • The Danish Christmas Tradition:

The Danish people would celebrate Christmas Day even before Christianity came to their country. However, at that time, the event was all about celebrating brighter days of the month. One of the unique Christmas traditions in Denmark is placing superstitious characters as decoration in homes and offices. These characters, called ‘Nisser,’ are associated with protecting the Danish tradition. This can be a wonderful Christmas Essay as well. 

  • The Irish Christmas Tradition:

The Irish Christmas Tradition, placing a lit candle on the front window during the night, is more about showing positivity and welcoming Christmas with full warmth. These people know very well how to celebrate the event. A part of their Christmas Traditions is Christmas fares where kids and adults have fun while eating potatoes, homemade roast goose, cranberries, and vegetables.

  • Christmas Day Countdown with Paper Chain Links:

To make your kids realize the event’s importance, make them have a Christmas countdown on a calendar with paper chain links. Count the number of days you have left before Christmas and then make the same number of chains. Ensure that you and your kids mark them every day to keep it going. The children can enhance the fun and creativity with stickers and drawings.

  • Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner, Japan:

Japanese people celebrate both the international and Chinese New Year. They are also very open to celebrating Christmas, and Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner is one of their favorite traditions. Just visit any KFC franchise in Japan during Christmas time, and you will see the Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner menu, which you can bring home and enjoy with your family.

Christmas Traditions for Families

Events like Christmas and New Year are all about exciting gatherings with your friends and family. Most people will be staying home due to the lockdown anyway and will look forward to having fun with their families. In this current situation, you need to know about various Christmas traditions for couples, kids, adults, and newlyweds to decorate your home according to that and specially christmas tree and have as much fun as you can.

The following is a list of various lovely Christmas Traditions that can make your Christmas time fun:

  • Decorating the House on 1st December:

To get early into the Christmas celebrations, make sure that you start decorating your home from 1st December. Not just that it brings back the Christmas vibe, doing Christmas decorations is a fun activity that narrows the gaps between parents and kids, allowing them more time to spend together. You can use this opportunity to improve your family relations and know more about each other’s creativity.

  • Making Homemade Christmas Cards:

Making homemade Christmas Cards is another creative activity that could bring a lot of fun. You must be looking forward to spending some time with your family and sending Christmas and New Year Greeting Cards. Instead of buying those, you and your kids can get into making hand-crafted Christmas Cards using various ideas. You can save some money on these and spend some fun time celebrating the Christmas spirit.

  • The Grand Family Vacation:

While everyone awaits their Christmas gifts, you can change the tradition and do something more fun with your friends and family. The idea is to plan a grand vacation with your family to Disney Land or some other place instead of spending money on buying Christmas gifts, etc. Going on a beach trip to someplace hot such as Hawaii or Australia, for a Christmas beach party can be a good idea.

  • Making a Holiday Bucket List:

Make a holiday bucket list for your family and let everyone add their favorite activities they would like to perform for the family. The activities could include decorating the Christmas Tree, building the snowman, decorating the home with lights, and cooking. Since everyone will be busy in some Christmas activity, this could make things more fun instead of just parents working around and handling everything.

The pandemic this year must have made you think about how the unfortunate among us survive. Christmas is the best time to teach your kids that real happiness is helping others. The families can fill shoeboxes full of necessary items for less fortunate kids to celebrate humanity’s authentic spirit.

The German Children wait for Nikolaus to come out on the streets during Christmas nights and treat such candies and Christmas gifts. This tradition is one of the most celebrated Christmas traditions in Germany, especially in the Bavarian region. Children also expect the St. Nikolaus visit during their school time for candies and gifts, making their Christmas special.

Following these traditions can help you celebrate the holiday season in a better and more fun way. We will appreciate if you can leave us comments telling different Christmas traditions that you know about so people can learn more.


These were various lovely Christmas traditions that you can be a part of this year. Spending Christmas with your family this time around will be the best advice, so stay at home and safe during the current pandemic and keep the Christmas spirit alive.

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