Christmas custom: The strangest British customs you can restore TODAY

Victorian Christmas

Victorian Christmas varies little bit from traditions enjoyed by individuals today, as 19th-century society saw the introduction of the Christmas tree, cards and pudding.But the latter element of the Victorian event consisted of 2 more trinkets along with the conventional coin.In her book The Victorian Christmas, Anna

Selby discussed how Victorians included 3 ornaments which unique significance for those who discovered one.She wrote:”The normal trinkets included a ring, a coin and a thimble.

” When the diners are their pudding, the one who found a ring

might expect a wedding event, the coin symbolised the gaining of wealth and the thimble suggested-depending on the analysis -either a life of blessedness or spinsterhood.”People in your home might not want to add a lot of appeals around those who

may be at risk of choking, however the Victorian technique adds a brand-new dynamic to the tradition.

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