Aussie Christmas customs that expats think are odd

For individuals that stem from the Northern Hemisphere, the holiday is everything about cosiness, getting rugged up and big hot meals that warm up your home. For those that might originate from Asia, the holiday might not be something that is widely celebrated due to various religious or cultural calendars so the vacation cheer and festivities at this time of the year might come as a surprise.

We recently surveyed over 2,000 expats living in Australia revealed the Christmas customs and customizeds in Australia that they discovered more than a little peculiar and difficult to get their head around.

1. Christmas in summer season

Rather of frozen toes and woollen sweaters, expats coming from above the equator show up to experience Christmas with sunlight, short sleeves and the great outdoors.81% of expats we surveyed stated that having Christmas in the summertime time is something they discovered difficult to overcome or are still trying to get utilized to with most specifying that the crucial indications of what Christmas seems like are so topsy turvy that they feel there is a lack of Christmas ambiance.

2. Sand, browse and Santa

If you’re an expat do not be amazed if you receive an invite to strike your regional sandy shores or to come away to a beach shack with guidelines to bring sunscreen, some cold ones (beers), a hat and a plate (we’ll get to that a bit later).

Striking the beach is a precious Christmas custom as Aussies seek break from the sweltering heat and maximize their time off by relaxing near the coast.

3. The Aussie Christmas BBQ and seafood plate

While the traditional English Christmas meal of a glazed ham or turkey still makes a look on dining tables around Australia, it’s highly most likely that it will appear alongside a pinchy shellfish or platters of shellfish and maybe some freshly grilled lamb chops with soft white bread and tomato sauce (called ketchup in the United States, Australians also informally describe it as Tommy Sauce, Sauce, T-Sauce or Dead Horse).

Australians like diversity at their Christmas meals and due to the warm (and sometimes intense) weather condition, a bevvy of roasted meats and veggies feel unseasonal and can overwhelm the stomach. This is where cold prawns, crayfish and oysters come in, as well as loads of crisp salads.

While it might seem unusual for some (among our participants even went as far to say that “Cold Christmas food need to be a crime”), fresh seafood and a barbecue are something that Australians typically love and accept at this time of the year.

4. Eating Cherries

… And mangoes, apricots and other stone fruit.The Aussie
summer season in December indicates that the orchards grow and stores and markets are stuffed with sweet and fresh stone fruit which inevitably end up in the fruit bowl and served fresh in desserts (like pavlova) on Christmas day and throughout the summertime period.

5. Bringing along your own meat/alcohol/share plate to a celebration

For Australians, the invitation to “bring a plate” means to bring a plate with food, not just an empty plate!

It might appear ironic if you’re trying to be congenial and toss a party however it is perfectly acceptable to host a celebration or gathering without supplying all the food and beverage in a similar way Americans arrange meal supper celebrations where visitors share a communal meal.

Aussies enjoy a get together and opening their homes as much as others– “Bringing a plate” streamlines the meal preparation, opens up conversations about dishes, cooking methods and traditions (since Australians come from all over worldwide) and shares the responsibility of catering generally leaving the host to be able to spend more time … well … hosting, and captivating the visitors.

6. Abbreviating every word– even “Christmas”

Something an Aussie would say: “Can you head down to the bottle-o down the road this arvo to get a couple of bevvies before Chrissy dinner? You can get a prezzy for Tommo while you exist. Oh, and can you fill up the cars and truck at the servo too?”

Translation: “Would you mind making a trip to the bottle shop down the roadway later this afternoon to buy some beverages prior to Christmas supper? You can pick up a present for Tom while you are there. While you are out, would you mind likewise filling the vehicle (with fuel) at the service station too?”

Why do Australians abbreviate whatever?

Dunno. We just do.

7. People walking around bare foot

If it’s so hot, why do Australians navigate with bare feet when they’re not at the beach?As we said above, being unwinded is a popular Aussie quality and that reaches shoes as well.

While lots of public locations (pubs, shopping centres) need you to wear shoes for your own security, some Australians normally take this as a guideline instead of a hard and fast guideline.

If looking for their thongs (flip-flop sandals) is all a bit too hard, going barefoot is the next finest alternative.

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