An Italian Christmas: Traditions you need to know about!

An Italian Christmas

Christmas day is among the most joyful Christian holidays in many countries around the globe. To many people, it is a favorite time of the year spending time with the family and friends, embellishing their homes, including gift giving, parties and feasting. So, Christmas is an unique family affair and everyone feels lucky to have their household at Christmas time. Moreover on this day, all family members spend time in baking cookies, making fudge and preparing a big Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings. Italians like any holyday that brings together loved ones and of course food, and every family of Italian heritage has their own distinct customs that to celebrate an Italian Christmas. For these factors, we wish to hand down to you a few of our most treasured Italian Christmas traditions, so that you can spread the vacation cheer with your friends and family.

Christmas Eve

Usually December 24th and 25th are the main days of celebration, typically including a two-day feast. Participating in midnight mass and consuming a meatless supper on Christmas Eve is a fundamental part of Christmas in Italy. On Christmas Eve it’s common that no meat. Therefore, the Italian Christmas Eve menu includes a variety of fish meals. For instance, a typical Italian Christmas Eve dish is Anguilla marinata or baccalà (cod fish). In addition, different types of shellfish (mussels, clams and other shells, along with little shellfishes) are functioned as antipasti misti or together with pasta. A tasty and refined variation is linguine all’astice (linguine with lobster).

Preferred appetizers are bread pieces spread out with butter, ricotta, or mayo and topped with smoked salmon. In addition, a combination cleaning salad is provided, followed by desserts! Desserts can be different Italian cookies, filled with figs or nuts, fruit tarts, even fried and sugared sweets such as zeppole, or struffoli.

For numerous Italian-American households a big Christmas Eve meal of different fish dishes is now a preferred tradition! It’s referred to as The Banquet of Seven Fishes, a custom popular amongst Italo-americans that was commemorated by the early immigrants. The Banquet of Seven Fishes consists in eating seven various kinds of fish prepared in seven different methods. Nevertheless, it now seems more popular in American than it is in Italy.

Christmas Day

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The Christmas Day supper is the most essential Christmas family custom in Italy. While Christmas Eve’s dinner is a meatless meal, on Christmas Day it is allowable to consume meat. Generally it will be stuffed cappone (capon) or tacchino, or mixed roast or roast beef. The main course par quality on Christmas Day is packed capon. The packing includes sliced up meat (veal) and sausage meat (pork), chestnuts, a bit of gewurztraminer or Marsala and a little parmesan cheese to which all sorts of spices and other active ingredients can be added according to individual taste. Moreover, a Typical pasta dish on Christmas Day the 25th is cappelletti or tortellini in brodo. Brodo, is basically a broth or stock of either veggie, chicken or meat.

For dessert, there are all type of expensive vacation breads, such as panettone. It contains raisins and candied fruits, and such sugary foods as cannoli, a cheese-filled pastry, and other delicacies. Numerous other variations have become popular, too; for instance, panettone with chocolate cream, with Grand Marnier, with champagne cream, with figs and chocolate, … there is something for every single taste. Another popular Christmas bread is pandoro which stemmed from Verona. Pandoro, traditionally Veronese sweet bread, is now practically as popular as Panettone. Pandoro never ever consists of candied fruit, which is why some choose it over panettone. Additionally the Torrone (nougat), with honey or chocolate almonds or pistachios, is the most normal of the Christmas sugary foods. Popular goodies include sweet honey breads, marzipan, nougat and gingerbread, all symbolizing the sweetness of life.


To summarize, Italian Christmas is a particularly time for family and food. Conventional Italian households will normally gather to commemorate the season by working out customs that have been handed down through the generations, or constructing new ones for future generations.

We, here at Italian Vacation home, desire you a fantastic holiday and a delighted new year filled with love, good food, and success.


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