This Year’s DIY Christmas Design (Made From Toilet Paper Rolls!)

< img src =""/ > If ever there was a DIY Christmas design of the year, this would be it! All you need is a toilet roll – and all of us have A Great Deal Of those!

Keep reading to discover how to put your toilet paper rolls to great usage and make the prettiest of Christmas designs-

< img src =""/ > How to produce a Christmas flower from toilet tissue roll:

What you need:

– 3 toilet rolls

– Ruler

– Pencil

– Scissors

– Glue gun

– String

What to do:

1. Flatten one of the toilet rolls so that there is a fold on each side

2. Utilize the ruler and pencil to draw horizontal lines 1 centimetre apart.3.

Follow the lines to cut 1-centimetre strips (creating a series of loops)

3. Set up the loops into a flower shape to form the centre of the flower and glue the suggestions together

4. Flatten another toilet roll and repeat action 2. And then cut the strips in half horizontally and use the glue to develop smaller loops. Attach these to the flower using glue

5. Flatten a 3rd toilet roll and repeat step 2. Cut the loop open to produce an arch and after that connect these to the flower with glue.

6. Add string to hang your decoration

< img src=""/ > There is no end to the productions you can make with toilet rolls – I likewise like the angels above, and have actually also seen stars and snowflakes, along with a load of other shapes!

Got quite a toilet paper roll hoard at home? Here are a few tutorials to get you began:

And one for the kids:

Will you be making one of these this Christmas?


Photography: Thank you so much to Frida Ramstedt of Trendenser for allowing me to share these lovely pictures. Frida is the author of The Interior Design Handbook – in which she divulges the secrets of successful Scandinavian interior decoration..

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