How To Sew A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Beginners

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About 2 years back, I wished to purchase burlap Christmas stockings. After seeing just how much it was going to cost me to purchase 5, I believed … this can’t be that hard … I’ll make my own. I’m not great with a stitching device, and mending has to do with the degree of my skills there. So trust me when I state you can do this! Here’s an action by action tutorial for you to find out how to stitch a burlap Christmas stocking!

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Materials needed to sew a burlap stocking

  • Burlap(this roll is 40 inches wide X 5 lawns long for low-cost)Fabric to line the inside of the stocking or just enough for the upper rim.Ribbon for the hook and any decor you desire on the front of the stocking.Glue gun, optional if you decide to get any
  • decoration.A big paper grocery bag as long as a stocking to make
  • your pattern out of. You could also eliminate cardboard. Pins Sewing Device. Here is the one I purchased as a beginner and it’s so standard, easy to determine, has insanely good reviews, and super inexpensive. Related Christmas posts you might like Things to consider prior to you start stitching Christmas stockings How big do you want it? We wanted

    big ones since we tend to put a lot of crafts and food items in stockings. You can constantly tailor them by ordering iron on names. I wished to do that so I made sure to have a good large 5 inches of material

  • at the top. Do you want to line the inside or not? I discovered it easier to do step 1 X how ever lots of stockings I was doing. Then step 2 for all, and so on.
  • Nevertheless, you may want to do just one all the way to make certain you like it. If cash is not release and you are short on time, there are some REALLY charming ones you can buy on Etsy. Typically I saw 4 NICE burlap stockings for around$ 100. You may want to purchase a great deal of additional printed material in case you require to make more years down the road and can’t get a great match. Or in case granny and grandpa come to visit for Christmas! How
  • to stitch a burlap Christmas stocking action by action

    Prior to you begin, choose if you wish to line your burlap stockings with material or not. This tutorial reveals you how, and I believe that the lining produce a tougher stocking, however is NOT necessary.

    And it’s way much faster (while still being strong) if you pick not to make a lining.

    I made 3 (pictured above) without the lining and they were still stunning, less complex, and took half the time. If you choose not to, I’ll reveal you which steps to avoid.

    Step 1: Make a pattern by tracing an old equipping, then cut the pattern and pin to burlap.

    burlap christmas stocking pattern cut out of a paper bagburlap christmas stocking pattern cut out of a paper bag To make a pattern, trace around an old equipping on a large paper bag or cardboard box. You might likewise liberty this shape in the size you like. Make certain to include an extra half inch approximately given that the edges will

    be stitched. Then, pin it to your burlap! To make a pattern, you can either trace an equipping you already own that is the shapes and size you want. Or, you can search for a photo of a pattern and attempt and free style draw something similar. I picked to trace around a cheap equipping I already had. Make sure to make the pattern about a 1/4 inch extra all around considering that the sides get stitched and it will look a little smaller sized than the size you

    cut. Action 2: Pin the pattern to the burlap and cut 2 pieces out. Pin the pattern to your burlap fabric. Since each equipping needs 2 sides, you can fold the burlap roll in half and then pin, so you get 2

    pieces for one cut. Then cut. If you are sewing a full lining: If the plaid you have is one sided like mine, fold your printed fabric in half, print dealing with in. Then pin the pattern to it and cut both layers simultaneously. Except, make the leading longer than the burlap by about 5 inches, so it can fold over the top of the equipping and give that nice decoration. See picture below for instance.

    burlap christmas stocking pattern on a table with red plaid decorationburlap christmas stocking pattern on a table with red plaid decoration

    Now you ought to have 2 burlap cutouts, and 2 fabric cutouts. Pin them together as visualized above. If you do not want a complete lining: This is much easier. I simply cut 2 plaid rectangles of the very same size for the rim. This should be as wide as your equipping pattern is (mine had to do with 8 inches broad )and 10 inches

    a measuring tape showing 5 inches for a burlap christmas stockinga measuring tape showing 5 inches for a burlap christmas stocking

    long. It folds over the top of your equipping to give program about 5 inches on each side

    of the burlap.< img width=" 400" height="600" src =" 400w, 200w" alt="a measuring tape revealing 5 inches for a burlap christmas equipping "/ > Step 3: Sew burlap to lining around the edge Given that my edges

    a burlap stocking being sewn to the lininga burlap stocking being sewn to the lining

    didn’t all line up perfectly for all 4 pieces, (some rough edges) I decided to stitch each burlap

    plaid fabric sewn on top of a stockingplaid fabric sewn on top of a stocking

    piece onto it’s lining prior to stitching the whole equipping together. See listed below. If you are refraining from doing a full lining: Avoid this step altogether, and go to the next action. Action 4: Fold lining over the top

    , pin edge under, and stitch all edges. If you are

    sewing a full lining: For the easiest design, just tuck the end under

    as shown above, pin, and sew a straight line. Get rid of pins as you go. I sewed the sides that folded down too, although technically you could technically avoid that. They must get sewn together when the 2 boot pieces get stitched last. If you are not sewing the complete lining: Simply fold the 10 inch

    plaid rectangle in half over the top of the burlap. Tuck the ends under the side of the stocking that you wish to look good, and pin. Then sew a line throughout, eliminating pins as you go! Repeat for the other a sewing machine being used on burlap fabrica sewing machine being used on burlap fabric

    piece of burlap. If you want any ribbon like I did, include it after stitching the lined material under. You can hot glue the ribbon or sew it on. Step 5: Add ribbon for hook, and sew stockings inside out. This action will be the very same if you are

    doing a full lining or simply lining the top. One thing I forgot to do first time was to cut a 2-3 inch piece of ribbon and stitch it into the stocking to hang it. So have your ribbons cut! Place burlap sides on each other, dealing with completely. Tuck in the piece of ribbon, and pin all the way around. Stitch it up, eliminating pins as you go! Idea: Go back and forth over the ribbon that will hold the weight of the filled stocking. You want that baby to be strong! Turn within out, and appreciate! You just discovered how to sew a burlap Christmas stocking to be

    cherished for years. These would make a remarkable present for a family too. How to individualize your Christmas stockings DIY burlap christmas stockings with personalized names These stockings can be easily individualized with iron on names from Etsy!If you want to include a name to each equipping but don’t have a machine to do it, I extremely suggest buying one off of Etsy! I purchased these iron on names from a buddy. You can find her Etsy store here. Although they are not noted in her shop now, you can send her a message to see what she can make and say Blue and Hazel sent you. Or, just search iron on names in the Etsy search bar.

    As soon as you make your burlap stockings, make sure to tag @blue. and.hazel on Instagram because I LOVE seeing what you make!

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