How To Make A Christmas Stocking In 12 Easy Steps [Incl. Pattern]

There are a lot of beautiful things connected with Christmas but among the nicest is the sight of a stunning Xmas stocking hung by a fireplace * nostalgic sigh *.

Here’s your totally free pattern to get you started, and you can see how to make your own Christmas equipping here. Simply click the button below to print out your complimentary pattern!

download your free stocking pattern here

< img width="600"height="200" src=" 600w, 300w, 400w"alt= "download your totally free stocking pattern here"/ > At Bags of Love, we are all about the belief and when it concerns the very best stockings, you can be sure that personalised stockings come out on top! Handmade Christmas stockings are charming, but are even much better when they’re created and made by your own hands.

If you need to know how to make a Christmas equipping, then you are in luck! We have actually produced a little tutorial video, to show you simply how to make a Christmas equipping, which will make the ideal gift for almost anybody (with a lot of area to guarantee you can still pack them with other presents!)

Follow our detailed guide and see how to make a Christmas stocking, which you can hang proudly year after year.

how to make a personalised christmas stocking

Making Christmas Stockings; What You Will Need:

  • Here is what you will require when finding out how to make your own Christmas stocking: Our DIY Christmas Stocking Pattern A set of sharp fabric scissors Domestic sewing maker and thread(you can do this with a hand stitch but we advise utilizing a sewing machine if possible
  • )Chalk Pins Sticky tape A 10cm length of ribbon in your choice of colour An A3 size piece of material for the cuff An A2 size piece of fabric for the
  • sock Bags of
  • Love
  • — How to Make a Christmas Stocking Tutorial 1. Select your perfect stocking fabric
  • . Unsure what material is best for you
  • ? We have some custom material ideas at the end of the tutorial. 2. Download our Christmas equipping design template Just click here to download our DIY Christmas Stocking Pattern. It will print out on 3 sheets of A4 paper at 100 %scale. Eliminate the paper pattern and you are prepared to begin. 3. Sign up with the pieces Join piece A1 to A2 along the dotted lines with some tape. This will become the sock panel of the stocking. For now, keep piece B separate, as this will be your

    cuff panel. This piece can be made from the exact same fabric as the sock or you can pick a completely various material. 4. Cut out your material Lay your paper patterns on top of your picked fabric, utilizing the pattern arrows to align with the material grain instructions

    (techy phrase: selvedge edge ). Pin them in place lightly and cut around the outdoors edge of the pattern. You could alternatively draw around the outside of the pattern with chalk, then remove the paper pattern and cut around the marks. Flip your pattern over and do the exact same for the reverse side of the sock. 5. Let’s pin together

    Take your 2 fabric sock panels and pin them together with the best side (the side with your print or design) facing in.

    6. Time to stitch

    Let’s get that stitching device out! Stitch your sock together around the heel, toe and sides of the sock, leaving a 1cm joint allowance. It’s extremely important to leave the top of your sock open (otherwise there will be no place for your presents to go!)

    pinning into place

    7. Cuff it up Lay the 2 panels of the cuff together with the right sides facing in. Sandwich a loop of ribbon between the 2 cuff panels with completions of the ribbon sticking out through one of the intended side seams. Ensure you put the ribbon as near the middle of the joint as possible (where the fold line is) to guarantee it ends up at the top of the completed stocking when flipped through.

    8. Sewing up the cuff

    Stitch down the left and best edges of the cuff panels, leaving the leading and bottom open.

    9. Making it look cuffing quite

    Fold the bottom edge of the cuff approximately satisfy the leading edge, with the wrong sides facing it. The ribbon loop need to now be showing on the outside, near the folded edge. You’re almost there!

    10. Time to introduce the sock to the cuff

    Location the cuff inside the sock panels (with the right sides together) so all the raw edges of the cuff and sock are aligned at the top. Make sure that the side of the cuff with the ribbon loop, is on the exact same side as the heel on the sock.

    11. A bit more stitching

    Next, sew the raw edges together in a circle, so you can still access the inside of the stocking.

    12. And lastly …

    Turn your stocking inside out, so the right side is now dealing with out! Press the joints flat– depending on which material you pick– and ho, ho, ho, you have your very own customised Christmas equipping; created and made by you. If you don’t want to knit a Xmas stocking, then this year, choose personalized instead.

    Which fabric is for me?

    If you require a little help choosing which fabric option would work best for you, we have a few ideas, which we think are best for making a Christmas equipping. Half Panama is a lovely option for a more rustic looking equipping. For something a bit fashionable, Vintage Loop Back Jersey is a cool and trendy choice. For more conventional and cosy style Christmas stockings, try Polar Fleece, Luxurious Velour or Suede Vision. All these materials and more can be discovered in our customized fabric page.

    Don’t forget to share pictures of your finished stocking!

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