How to make a Christmas stocking, complimentary equipping design template

I enjoy maximizing my material scraps and old jeans, these sashiko denim Christmas stockings take advantage of these passions. Discover your red material scraps, embroidery floss and an unrepairable of jeans, all set?!

Personally I love working with old jeans, it’s a fabric that is readily offered– routinely ask family and friends for old pairs, or visit your regional thrift store (charity shop). Here in the UK they have rag bags of clothes they are unable to offer which you might be able to have a look through. I have over 30 tutorials for how to utilize your old jeans!


?.!! If you are wondering what I mean by Sashiko– the term Sashiko originates from Japan, it is the art of repairing clothes utilizing fabric scraps and running stitch to carry out visible repairs. These stockings take advantage of fabric scraps to decorate your equipping and are heavily influenced by this Japanese method.

If you love sashiko motivate jobs take a look at my:-

If your mind is strongly focussed on crafting for Christmas (I understand mine is!) then have a look at mini denim stocking development calendar, or for a much bigger jeans arrival check out the tutorial for a denim pocket introduction calendar. Plus have a look at a lot more Christmas tutorials.

How to make a sashiko denim Christmas stocking

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        • Old pair of jeans
        • Red material scraps
        • Embroidery Floss
        • Scissors and needle
        • Ribbon
        • Sewing maker
        • Stocking Template

This ended up DIY Christmas stocking measures 13 1/2 by 8 ″.

Start by printing the stocking pattern– download it here. Tape together the pattern pieces, if you are not familiar with taping together PDF patterns have a look at my video here.

For each equipping, you wish to make cut 2 pieces of fabric, mirror images of each other.

Have fun eliminating pieces of red patterned fabric and

laying throughout the top

of the equipping.< img src =" 1355w, 300w, 1300w, 735w"alt= ""width ="1355" height =" 800"/ >

With embroidery

floss sew running stitch to secure the pieces in location. If you like to stress the toe and heel add additional material and hand sew in place.

Denim materials fray easily, before we stitch the stocking together let’s hem the raw edges. I have overlocked the edges, if you do not have an overlocker you can zigzag the edges.

If you like including tassles, cut a lot thread the very same length, fold in half and wrap a thread around.

Develop a hanging loop from ribbon, location so the loop


dealing with inwards in the jeans. Place the fabric right sides together

, device stitch around your stocking, leaving the leading open.

Turn right side out, fold in the raw leading edge and hand stitch with tiny stitches to secure in location.

Now you have made your equipping its time to make stocking stuffers– have a look at these fantastic 25 + Do It Yourself stocking Stuffer tutorials.

Preparation Time 30 minutes

Active Time 3 hours

Total Time 3 hours 30 minutes

Problem simple


  • Scissors
  • Sewing Device
  • Needle


  1. Print the equipping template.Cut out 2 denim stockings, mirror images of each other.Use red fabric scraps to create a patchwork
  2. impact cuff.Cut out red fabric to produce the heel and toe.Using a running stitch and embroidery floss secure the red fabric in location Either zigzag or overlock all the edges of the equipping
  3. Make a tassel and hanging loop Place the tassel and hanging loop 5/8 “down from the top of the back joint
  4. of the equipping, with edges of hanging loops dealing with outwards.Machine sew around the sides and bottom.Turn over the leading edge of the equipping Hand stitch to protect in place.Turn your stocking out and appreciate your handiwork!
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