Flat Christmas trees on the wall: 7 DIY crafts (31 images)


Flat christmas trees on the wall

The primary attribute of the New Year is without a doubtis a stunning, sophisticated Christmas tree. She creates a joyful, cozy environment in your home. However, what to do if there is merely no place for a Christmas tree in the apartment. In this case, you can produce a New Year’s appeal right on the wall from the most unusual improvised materials.

Flat Christmas tree made from paper

A flat tree on the wall looks very creativefrom paper. Such a tree can reach a height of 2 meters. In addition, it can be done both in the house and in the office, since the Christmas tree uses up really little space. In order for a paper Christmas tree on the wall you will require: – matte cardboard or foam base; – scissors; – corrugated paper; – adhesive tape; – adhesive tape; – marker; – stationery knife; – hook; – PVA glue. First, make a base from a sheet of cardboard or foam. If you require to make a base for a tall Christmas tree, utilize numerous sheets of cardboard or pieces of foam. Then cut the sheets of corrugated paper into a fringe. You need to get a fairly large quantity of paper with a fringe, so that you can glue the whole Christmas tree. When the paper is all set, begin sticking it to the base. Glue the paper from bottom to top. On the back of the resulting Christmas tree, add a hook. If there is no hook, you can use double-sided tape by gluing it around the border of the base. To make the barrel likewise utilize cardboard or polystyrene. It should likewise be glued with corrugated brown paper. Using duct tape, glue the trunk to the Christmas tree and fix the whole structure to the wall. Flat paper Christmas tree on the wall Flat paper Christmas tree on the wall Wall tree made of branches Christmas tree made from branches is an outstanding alternative for extraordinaryindividuals who do not wish to surpass custom. To make such a Christmas tree is very basic. To do this, you just require to discover appropriate spruce branches in size and carefully repair them on the wall of the room in the shape of a Christmas tree. For such a Christmas tree, branches from a genuine tree, in addition to synthetic ones, are perfect. You can embellish the resulting Christmas tree with tinsel, bows, Christmas toys and garlands. It is finest if Christmas decors are made from lightweight, unbreakable products. Flat Christmas tree on a wall of twigs Flat Christmas tree on a wall of branches Read also: Making a flat Christmas tree from a garland

A Christmas tree on a wall made of a garland is not an innovation. Such a tree will interest kids, and will end up being for them a sign of the upcoming holidays. In addition to a garland, such a Christmas tree can be embellished with riots, bows and toys. In order to make it much easier to position a Christmas tree from a garland on the wall, you can initially draw in chalk the shape of the future New Year’s charm. In order to secure kids, rather of a Christmas tree from a garland, by the exact same principle it is possible to make a Christmas tree from tinsel.< img src ="https://handmadebase.com/wp-content/uploads/data/ploskie-elki23.jpg"alt="Flat Christmas tree on a wall made from garland"/ > Flat Christmas tree on a wall made from garland< img src ="https://handmadebase.com/wp-content/uploads/data/ploskie-elki10.jpg"/ > How to draw a Christmas tree for the brand-new year If

you or someone from your household and friendspossesses artistic talent, the Christmas tree can simply be drawn on the wall. Such work can be streamlined. For example, make use of the wall only the shape of the Christmas tree and embellish it with beads and garlands, or use unique stencils for drawing. Painted christmas tree Christmas tree stickers In order not to stain the walls of the apartment or condo with paint, You can utilize unique sticker labels in the kind of a Christmas tree. Such stickers do not leave traces of glue on the surface of the walls. You can buy such sticker labels in supermarkets or in specialized design shops. A variety of sticker labels will help you choose a Christmas tree for any interior. Christmas tree wall sticker Christmas tree wall sticker DIY tree made of wood, branches and boards For

interior Provence or chalet is perfectWall Christmas

tree made of wood. If you find one fairly long board and several brief ones, then to build such a Christmas tree is easy. Well-chosen decors for the tree will make it trendy and stunning. The initial Christmas tree can be made from circles from logs or large chips. Flat wooden christmas tree on the wall

Do It Yourself mosaic tree on the wall For lovers of modern-day options, and those who wishobserve traditions, the most appropriate option would be to create a Brand-new Year tree on the wall according to the mosaic principle. The details of this design can be a variety of Christmas toys, dishes, or crafts. The main point is to observe the rules of proportion and harmonious mix. In the composition itself, it is recommended to use no more than 3 colors. Mosaic tree DIY mosaic tree on the wall We also recommend viewing:

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