Easy Patchwork Do It Yourself Christmas Stockings

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The Easy Patchwork DIY Christmas Stockings hanging on a stone fireplace

My Easy Patchwork Do It Yourself Christmas stockings are a fun, quick, festive sewing job that even starting sewists will take pleasure in. It’s also a fantastic method to

use up fabric scraps! The Mission for a Genuinely Easy Patchwork Do It Yourself Christmas Stocking A couple of weeks back, a young friend of mine sent me a link to a blog post for a DIY patchwork Christmas equipping that declared to be easy. ”

I would like to make this!”she stated. It was an actually charming project so I comprehended her enthusiasm. However, my good friend is a starting sewist. After looking over the instructions, I had the unfortunate task of notifying her that the task was a long method from “simple”. It would have shown an obstacle even for intermediate sewists, not to mention novices.

Her disappointment set me off my mission. I decided to create a tutorial and pattern for Easy Patchwork DIY Christmas Stockings that even novices could sew successfully and finish in 2 hours and even less. Because with Christmas just around the corner, we really do NOT have the juice for a time-sucking job, right?

A Project that Everybody Can Take Pleasure In

I enjoy quilting just a little less than my household, my pet, and reading. I believe it’s basically the best pastime on earth. And there’s absolutely nothing rather as cute as a home-sewn patchwork Christmas stocking.

However if you’re fairly brand-new to sewing and looking to make a patchwork equipping, like right now, you most likely don’t have time to learn the nuances of accuracy piecing. And even you’re currently an experienced quilter, in some cases it’s just enjoyable to stitch up a fun, easy, free kind project.

That’s why I decided to make my Easy Do It Yourself Patchwork Christmas Stocking from “made fabric”.

A finished Easy Patchwork DIY Christmas Stockings surrounded by the tools used to make it.

‘Made Fabric’Makes it Simple Numerous years back, I took a quilting workshop from a good friend of mine, the remarkable master quilter, Victoria Findlay Wolfe. One of the important things she taught me was how to create my own “made material” by sewing together arbitrarily sized and shaped material scraps. It’s an easy, enjoyable way to create a patchwork appearance without stitching quilt blocks or following a pattern.

If you have actually got a lot of fabric scraps, developing some “made fabric” is a terrific method to use them up. However the very best feature of developing “made fabric” exists is really no incorrect method to do it! The procedure is intuitive and innovative, and leads to a really unique appearance.

How to Make ‘Made Fabric’

If you’ve ever done paper piecing, the process of producing made fabric will seem really familiar. It’s essentially paper piecing without a pattern. But even if you have actually never ever quilted, you’ll be able to develop your own made material from scraps.

  1. Gather a selection of scraps. Practically any shape or size will do however the process will be simpler and quicker if your scraps are no smaller sized than 2 inches square. Remember, the scrap shapes do not need to be the very same. In fact, your completed fabric will be far more fascinating if the shapes are diverse and random.
  2. Choose 2 scraps. Layer the scraps on top of each other with the right sides of the fabric dealing with together. Lay a ruler or straight edge tool on top of the material. If you have a rotary cutter and cutting mat, just cut a straight line along one edge of the fabric. (Utilizing a rotary cutter is absolutely the simplest technique. However, you can also utilize chalk or a fabric marker to draw a straight line on the fabric, then trim along the line with scissors.) A yellow ruler measuring a straight line across three scraps of fabric.
  3. Layer the scraps on top of each other with the ideal side of the material together A straight line being sewn across the scraps of fabric on a sewing machine.
  4. and the trimmed straight edges matching. Sew a quarter-inch seam along the straight edge. Utilize a curling iron to press the joint of the darker material towards the lighter fabric. Then, turn the stitched scraps over to the right side of the material and press it flat. Place another scrap on top for the stitched scraps, with
  5. the ideal sides of the fabric facing. Trim another straight edge along the material(or mark and cut with scissors), and stitch as previously. Continue including scraps, cutting, and sewing till you have created a piece of”made fabric” that’s large enough for the project. What Will I Required to Make My Easy Patchwork Do It Yourself Christmas Stocking

? If you stitch at all, you probably currently have whatever you to make an

Easy DIY Patchwork Christmas Stocking. In addition to scraps for your made material stocking front, you’ll require fabric for the equipping back and for the lining. I prefer to use plain muslin for the lining however patterned material is great too. You can likewise create more made material for the back in addition to the front if you ‘d like. In addition, you’ll need thread, plus a little fabric, rickrack, or ribbon to produce a hanging loop. As far as tools, you’ll require a sewing device, rotary cutter and mat, and cutting ruler or straight edge, and straight pins. (If you’re not using a rotary cutter, you’ll need chalk or a material marker and scissors. )How Do I Make my Do It Yourself Christmas Stocking? Making the equipping is truly simple. Step by action instructions are consisted of in the pattern, which you can download here. However if you

have even fundamental sewing skills, it must be quite obvious. However, I will share just a number of tips. Initially, make sure thatthe scale on your printer is set to 100%. Otherwise, the pattern may wind up a little smaller than the initial. Nevertheless, if you don’t understand how to

set your printer scale, don’t make yourself insane. The size needs to be quite close no matter what so just print it out and don’t fret. Second, most likely the trickiest part of making my Easy DIY Christmas Stocking is stitching the loop. It’s relatively small when sewn, so turning it inside out can be kind of a discomfort.

Do not get me wrong, it’s workable however if you ‘d rather not bother with it, simply use ribbon or rickrack for the loop. It’s a truly cute appearance. Third, driving a sewing machine is a lot like driving a vehicle; it’s a good concept to decrease on the curves. Also, usage enough pins so your fabric doesn’t slip. Personally, I prefer to utilize silk pins when I’m stitching.

They’re truly skinny so if I unintentionally stitch over one, it’s most likely not going to break my needle. Lastly, keep in mind to clip the curves(however not the stitches!)prior to turning the finished stocking completely. That will assist the curves lie nice and flat. How to Stitch Your Easy Patchwork Do It Yourself Christmas Equipping Cutting the pattern and material Print out one copy of the pattern at 100 %scale. Cut out upper and lower areas of stocking pattern. Tape pattern pieces together along the black dotted line. With fabric facing ideal side up, cut one equipping front (utilizing”made material”)and one liner. Next, flip the pattern over

  • to eliminate a mirror image of one equipping back and one liner.< img src=" https://mariebostwick.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Easy-Patchwork-DIY-Christmas-Stockings-12.jpg 800w
  • , https://mariebostwick.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Easy-Patchwork-DIY-Christmas-Stockings-12-225×300.jpg 225w, https://mariebostwick.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Easy-Patchwork-DIY-Christmas-Stockings-12-768×1024.jpg 768w”alt=”The pattern of the equipping on top of the made material.”width=”800″height=”1067″/ > Sewing the stocking Pin the loop, rickrack, or ribbon to the equipping back on the right side of the material, 3/8 of an inch from the heel side edge, with raw edges of the loop a little above the upper edge of the equipping, and the looped end pointing toward the lower part of the stocking. Layer one liner over stocking back and loop, ideal sides of the fabric together. Pin the upper edge of the equipping. Stitch along the upper edge, making sure to sew the loop into the joint. Turn the seam and press.(Loop will now stand out above the upper edge of the equipping.) Layer one liner over equipping front, right sides together. Pin the upper edge of the stocking and stitch. Turn joint and press. Pin stocking front to equipping back, with ideal sides together. Stitch along the outer edge of the stocking, making sure as you sew around curves. Clip curves along the stocking toe, heel, and instep. (Clip near the seam but do not to cut the stitches). Turn the stocking completely. Press to end up. The pinned Easy Patchwork DIY Christmas Stockings being sewn together on a sewing machine

Easy Do It Yourself Christmas Stockings– Hung by the Chimney with Care! Buddies, whether you’re an expert sewist or a beginner, I hope you’ll have a chance to sew up some of these lovable Easy Patchwork Christmas Stockings this year. And if you do, would email me a picture of your production? I ‘d enjoy to see a picture of your valuable patchwork equipping, hung by the chimney with care.

Merry Christmas, my buddies!

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