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Mini Drums

This one concerned me after getting a rug provided and identifying the thick cardboard tube that was inside it being in my recycling. Relatively niche as you may not have a carpets inner tube to hand, but you may be able to make smaller versions with wrapping paper tubes or cooking area roll tubes. I needed to saw my tube into the size required for the drums, however if your cardboard isn’t as thick, you’ll have the ability to cut.

First off, paint the drum whatever colour you want. I chose white so I could accent it with various colours.

Next, cut a loop of string enough time to sit inside the drum and leave enough hanging space on the exterior. I used a glue weapon to connect my loop to the within the drum, but tape might also work.

I then drew around the sector on white card to cut out a top and a bottom for the drum, which I then glued on.

I had some thin velvet ribbon I ‘d purchased Flying Tiger and thought it ‘d be ideal to walk around the top and bottom. I utilized double sided tape to attach it instead of run the risk of getting glue on the velvet, but glue would likewise work simply great. The ribbon is fantastic for concealing any unpleasant edges.

Then it’s time to decorate! I made use of a diamond design lightly with pencil (it’s important to sketch it out as extremely easy to get wrong with a geometric pattern!) and after that painted it. I rounded off with some gold dots.

They don’t exactly look best (maybe if I made a couple of more I ‘d have my approach down) however I believe the flaws will not be too noticeable once they are up on the tree! Plus, they are handcrafted, it contributes to the beauty

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Pullovers

Christmas Pullovers

Christmas Dresses

Christmas Dresses

Christmas Jewelry