Do It Yourself Ugly Sweater Shirt with Cricut

Updated on November 24, 2020|Released on November 24, 2020

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Make an ugly sweat with your Cricut! This includes a free file! via @clarkscondensedMake an ugly sweat with your Cricut! This includes a free file! via @clarkscondensed

My sibling is a preschool instructor at a small independent school. For the last numerous years, we have actually made the most charming ugly sweater t-shirts for her children. And, I am so fired up to lastly share this enjoyable DIY Ugly Sweatshirt T-shirt task

Ugly Sweater ShirtUgly Sweater Shirt

! This charming little task is a little laborious, however absolutely worth it. And, there isn’t much cuter than a class filled with young children in homemade ugly sweatshirt shirts

! Homemade Ugly Sweater Awful sweatshirts have become extremely popular, and with that appeal comes a higher rate. But, my sister knows I have a number of Cricut makers, and she was confident that I could assist her make adorable homemade ugly sweatshirt t-shirts for her little ones. And, she was right! I developed a properly awful sweater style. Then, we weeded the excess HTV together. (This is certainly a team task if you are making more than one or two ugly sweater t-shirts) Finally, we each utilized an EasyPress and pressed the image on to the t-shirts.

DIY Ugly Sweater ShirtDIY Ugly Sweater Shirt

Then, my sibling took the shirts into her class and let each child include pom poms, ornaments, garland, and more decorations to complete their t-shirts! This is an absolutely optional action, however it truly does improve the ugliness, LOL.

Make an Ugly Sweater Shirt

This little project only needs a couple of materials, and you might currently have them at home.

Begin this project by opening the cut file and size it to fit your t-shirt. These shirts are little, so we had the ability to cut enough for 4 t-shirts from each 12 × 12 ″ piece of Iron On.

Cricut Design Space Screen ShotCricut Design Space Screen Shot

Then, send the image to cut. Don’t forget to mirror the cut and location the Iron On on the cutting mat shiny side down. Once the image has been cut, weed the excess vinyl. There are some small parts on this image, so make sure

to weed thoroughly. Now, press the image on to the t-shirts. You can be finished now, or you can sew on some embellishments. In either case, you will have the cutest awful sweatshirt shirt around! More Christmas Projects:

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