Do It Yourself Christmas walnut decors– unbreakable tree accessories concepts

Do It Yourself Christmas walnut designs can be a terrific craft job for children during winter season holidays. If you are tired with regular toys for decorating a Christmas tree, you can craft stunning and uncommon ornaments from walnuts and walnut shells. In addition to being solid and safe for the kids, such accessories are environmentally friendly, like all designs made from natural products.

DIY Christmas walnut decorations unbreakable tree ornaments ideas

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src =””alt =”Do It Yourself Christmas walnut designs solid tree accessories concepts “width=” 750″ height=”500″/ > Ads The walnut shell is very long lasting. It is not afraid of water, does moist out with time and retains its original type. You do not need unique knowledge to make different walnut Christmas accessories and designs. Crafting original accessories is a fun time for the whole family. Children will more than happy, moms and dads will be happy. If you need motivation, take a look at the image gallery.

Holiday activities and craft jobs– DIY Christmas walnut designs concepts

unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments from walnut shells

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src =””alt=”unbreakable Christmas tree accessories from walnut shells” width=” 694 “height=”1012″/ > Ads To many individuals, walnuts are just a component for cooking or baking. Why not conserve the shells and use them in a creative way instead of throwing them away? What could be much better than reusing and recycling something that is generally a discard? Do It Yourself Christmas walnut decorations concepts permit you to be imaginative and engage your children in an enjoyable activity during the holidays. Yes, you may need to assist and monitor the procedure, however this is an excellent possibility for a fun family activity.

Walnuts are a conventional product utilized to make Christmas accessories. You can utilize walnut shells or whole nuts. Half shells are perfect to make different animals, such as turtles, reindeer, etc. In this article, we will show you various concepts which will make your festive tree intense and uncommon thanks to this decoration.

DIY Christmas walnut decorations ideas– Santa Claus tree accessory

DIY Christmas walnut decorations ideas Santa Claus tree ornament

Products: Instructions: Make Santa’s hat out of red paper by eliminating

a semicircle, flexing it into a cone shape and gluing it.

If you are making Santa Claus as a tree accessory, use a little piece of wire to make a wall mount and glue it to the top of the hat. Connect the hat to the walnut and embellish with cotton wool. Lastly, shape the beard and face and Santa Claus is all set. How to Make Gilded Walnuts– DIY Christmas tree ornaments ideas Materials: walnuts red satin ribbon gold acrylic paint wood glue(or

other glue)

  • paintbrush knife scissors Guidelines: Thoroughly divided the walnuts in half with a knife and remove the meat. Make certain to keep the matching halves

    together. Paint the walnut shells with gold acrylic paint and allow to dry.

    Glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the walnuts. Then paint wood glue around the edges of the shells and glue the walnut halves together.

    Hang the handmade Christmas ornaments on the tree.

    Do It Yourself Walnut Reindeer Christmas tree Ornaments

    DIY Walnut Reindeer Christmas tree Ornaments

    Materials: A walnut Brown felt

  • ( or brown paper) Red mini
  • pom pom (or a red button or red felt) hanging ribbon Glue Black pen

DIY Walnut Reindeer Christmas tree Ornaments tutorial


Instructions: Carefully split the walnuts in half with a knife and eliminate the meat. Cut reindeer antlers out of brown felt. Generously spread out PVA glue to the rim of your walnut.

Position the antlers and hanging string. Glue the walnut halves together and hold tight. Smooth down any excess glue with your finger.

Glue on a pom noses and draw eyes to finish your walnut reindeer tree accessory.

Walnut shell Christmas tree ornaments with beeswax dough figures

Walnut shell Christmas tree ornaments with beeswax dough figures

Products: Walnuts a knife glue string beeswax dough Guidelines: Thoroughly split the walnuts in half with a knife and remove the meat. Forming miniature beeswax dough figures– teddy bar, apple, mouse, gifts, Christmas tree, bird, and so on and location into the shell. Glue a string to the shell.

Suggestion: You can use little toys or decors like small deer, wreaths and even small wood Christmas accessories rather of beeswax dough.

Do It Yourself walnut winter season birds Christmas accessories

DIY walnut winter birds Christmas ornaments

Products: Walnuts White feathers Wire Perlon thread Red and white yarn Red pom poms Felt Yellow cardboard

  • Black and white deco paint
  • Pink crayon
  • Little drill, pliers, scissors, cutter knife, versatile glue or hot glue
  • Directions:

    Bend a piece of wire in a semicircle and glue it to the walnut together with the pom poms as displayed in the picture

    Draw the cheeks with the crayon and smudge them a little. Draw the eyes with the deco pen.

    Paint the beaks on cardboard, cut them out and glue them on the shells.

    Attach ornamental plumes as wings.

    Bend the wire to shape birds’ feet.

    Drill little holes in the walnut and place the feet. Repair with glue.

    Finally, connect the thread for hanging.

    DIY Mouse in a nutshell tree accessory

    DIY Mouse in a nutshell tree ornament

  • Products: Walnuts Pressed Paper Balls Cotton Glue Gun Thick Thread
  • Piece Of Fabric
  • Felt
  • Sharpie
  • DIY Mouse in a nutshell tree ornament tutorial

    Instructions: Thoroughly split the walnuts in half with a knife and eliminate the meat. Glue a cotton ball to the bottom of each walnut shell. Glue a thread to the top of the shells and the paper ball.

    Cut pieces of material about the size of the walnut shell and put it on the cotton ball as a “blanket”.

    Eliminate little circles from the felt for the ears of the mice, then put a little glue on them and pinch them the paper ball.

    Use the sharpie to draw the moustache and eyes of the mice.

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