Do It Yourself Christmas Tree

We went shopping for a genuine or a fake Christmas tree and all the good deals for phony trees where out of stock and all the genuine trees where no less than $50!!!

We have actually always had a real tree and we have never ever paid more than $35 for a 7′ tree. So I decided to make my own using products that I currently had except for a tomato cage and maybe an extra garland.

I knew it would not be a huge tree but this is the * # ^ year 2020 and nothing is ideal about it.

Our strategy is to get a great phony one in January for next year.

I collected the products required:

tomato cage $3.50

additional garland $5

two more low-cost garlands from Family dollar $6

thin wire


my garland

umbrella metal base


small cable television spindle

Oh, and chicken wire which I had.

If you do not have an umbrella base, you can utilize a Christmas tree base and or make a wood one.

I utilized the spool so that I could move the stick into it.

Then I covered it with chicken wire and molding it to the shape of the tomato cage.

I alternated with the garlands so that I could cover the whole area.

You wish to make sure to highlight the ideas of the garlands. This will make it look more genuine and complete and also it will permit you to decorate much easier. I also stuck some real tree branches into some holes to provide it a more “irregular” appearance. I likewise did it for the odor

. House Depot was distributing branches.

I put lights all around it and I took it inside to decorate.

I must say, I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

I still need to make a bow to cover the location from the star to the tree. Once we put gifts and boxes, it will look good.

Voila! It measures about 5 feet high.

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