Do It Yourself Christmas Sweatshirt – DIY Living By Talisa Lindsay

et’s make a DIY Christmas t-shirt for under five bucks!You’ll need the products you see in the photo along with material glue.

Items required is as follows * Sure bond fabric glue * A Tee shirts at your choice discovered mine at the

dollar tree * Ribbon of your choice * scissors

* Snowman head ornament fabric dollar tree

* Fairy leg ornament dollar tree

* decorations of your choice optional

First, Set out the snowman head and legs on the Tee shirts to see where I want to position it


Next I cut off the top red portion of the fairy legs.

Since the back

ground that was red already, I wished to separate some color. I took some of my ribbon and

cut it to

size. I wanted it to almost appear as if it is a cuff at the top of the boot. I got my ribbon choices out. I merely Mixed and matched patterns. I cut some with straight edges and some

with angled edges.

You can see this demonstrated above < img src =""width =" 300"height= "225"alt= ""/ > I continued to layer the ribbon. Then tied it together with another colored ribbon. Make certain to double knot the back, so that it does not come reversed. I then placed a thick envelope in between the layers of

the T-shirt

. Tacking it on the inside of the shirt. This is to ensure that the glue would not stick all the way through the fabric.Otherwise it will glue the front side to the behind.

We do

n’t desire that! Next, I included glue to the back portion of the ornament.Making sure to get the


Then I Held it in place to make certain that it would bond. Ensure to utilize minor pressure. Next I connected the bow beneath the head. I did this at an angle. You could include it directly if your prefer! Then, add the fur to the top of

the boot to form the cuff.< img src=""width="225" height="300" alt=""/ >

< img src="" width =" 225 "height ="300" alt =""/ > I also took some of my pom-pom ribbon and cut off 2 of the pom-poms. I included these to the bottom of the shoe. As you see in the image.

To finish the snowman, I also decided to eliminate the top embellishments on the hat.

and instead make a bow that I would like

All that was delegated do was to include the snowflake buttons!

< img src= ""width=" 300" height="225"alt=" "/ > There you have it. A whimsical Christmas T-shirt for Under five bucks! I already had the ribbon. So there was no need to buy that. Even if it last me for simply one season, You can’t beat it for 5 bucks. Hope y’ all enjoy making your own whimsical Tee shirts. I Would enjoy for you to share your designs with me if you make a this! Please ensure to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

< img src="" width="300" height="241" alt =""/ >

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