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Liz on CallCRAFTS” DIY Christmas Film Enjoying Shirt

Dec 10 2019 Liz Call

Any sappy Christmas film fan needs a DIY Christmas Film Enjoying Shirt to use all season long. Welcome your good friends over and make a night of it.

This is my Christmas Movie Watching shirt with a vintage truck and tree design.

Thanks to Cricut for assisting me make this t-shirt making lady’s night take place. This post consists of affiliate links which suggest I make a little

something when you purchase through the relate to no additional cost to you. Ok. You can confess. You like those sappy romantic Christmas movies. It’s simply us. You can tell me.

However guess what. You are not alone! Numerous individuals love an excellent Christmas film. Sappy and romantic or otherwise. Which is why this concept for a girl’s night was so fun!

We had a standard shirt design idea, but the girls could personalize the t-shirt to fit their design and taste. It is among the lots of factors I enjoy iron on vinyl. The possibilities of modification are endless.

Red, Green, Black and White vinyl stacked in front of a Cricut Explore Air 2

My pal asked me to help her make these t-shirts for her daughters for the holiday season. When we made them, they were so adorable I believed that everybody needed one and it would be an excellent excuse for my friends and I to get together. Do It Yourself Christmas Movie Watching Shirt

To get ready for the celebration, I eliminated all the pieces of the design with my Cricut Explore Air 2. I had both black and white iron-on vinyl choices for the writing. And glitter and routine iron-on for the trees. I laid them out on the counter beside a jar of weeding tools.

Cut iron-on vinyl ready to weed

< img src= " 750w, 300w, 735w "alt =" Cut iron-on vinyl prepared to weed "width= "750"height ="500"/ > I produced an enjoyable snack board for my hot chocolate. Using different shapes and tastes of marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel pieces to add to the hot cocoa. Plus some enjoyable and tasty cookies. It turned out so cute.

Hot Chocolate snack board with various additions for hot cocoa

The girls each brought an appetiser or treat to share.

Girls Night snack food spread. Various appetizers

There was plenty of food for everybody and I like an excellent range of snacks. The ladies might pick the pieces of vinyl they wanted to add to their shirt and relaxed the table and weeded the vinyl. This was a fun time to just

Weeding iron on vinyl to make Christmas movie watching shirt

sit and check out and treat. All the very best parts of a woman’s night!< img src=" 750w, 225w, 735w"alt="Weeding iron on vinyl to make Christmas movie watching t-shirt "width ="750"height="1000"/ > I offered the iron-0n vinyl and the tools for making shirts, however everybody brought their own t-shirt. That way they could choose the design, fit, length, and so on that they like best. We utilized the biggest EasyPress 2 to make our shirts

Using EasyPress 2 to make Christmas movie watching shirt

. Which made it go pretty fast. How To Make A DIY Christmas Shirt Here is a fast breakdown of how we made these t-shirts. When all the pieces are eliminated(remember to mirror image the designs to cut, you can see how to make a custom-made t-shirt if you need a refresher), get rid of (or weed )the undesirable vinyl, leaving simply the design. I wanted to do this in one press, so I cut the plastic cover sheet as close to the vinyl as possible so I might piece it together like a puzzle on the shirt. And the plastic cover sheet would not be under any of the vinyl pieces so I might get a good press. Using the Cricut Heat Guide, set the EasyPress to the correct temperature for the material you’re

working with. Lay the shirt over the EasyPress Mat and press for the time required in the Heat Guide. When pressed, remove the plastic cover sheet. If the iron-on vinyl attempts to come off with the cover sheet, lay it back down and press once again. Now you can enjoy all those Christmas motion pictures in comfort! What I loved about this is that the girls truly did tailor these. Some only wished to include the vintage truck and tree to a shirt. Which is completely charming by the method. Some secured the Trademark part since they do

n’t watch those motion pictures. But they all ended up incredibly charming and the ladies had a super fun time together. I did change up the design just a little from the one you see here, but if you are trying to find a Christmas movie viewing t-shirt cut file, click on the download below and you

can make it work for you. Christmas Film Watching T-shirt Cut File So now I would like to know what are your favorite Christmas motion pictures? I require some excellent ones to contribute to my list. Pleased Crafting! Liz More ideas like this

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