Do It Yourself Christmas Decorations: Dollar Store Crafts

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DIY Christmas Decorations: Dollar Store Crafts There is nothing like DIY Christmas decors, dollar shops are the way

to opt for a great deal of these! I have a basic canvas that I enjoy changing out for different seasons and holidays. You can see the essentials of that task here. It resembles the little black dress of home decor. I love the simpleness of this decoration piece. It’s on our antique desk in our entry hall and it’s so fun to change it out.

Today, we are making it perfect for winter season with basic words that are painted and blinged up.

We start with a word indication that came from the Dollar Tree. In addition to that, we also want some adhesive backed rhinestones and paint.

Two coats of paint are all these wood signs need. As soon as dry it’s time to include some rhinestones. There are so many ways you can dress up these easy wood indications. Rhinestones are simply among

the ways. They are easy to add and super budget friendly! Randomly place them utilizing various sizes as you go. Then it’s time to include a Velcro to the back of your painted wood indication and add it to your canvas. And easily, your sign is complete! If you like this and want to see other versions of this, take a look at this one and this one likewise. Thank You Thank you so much for visiting for this DIY Christmas Decorations: Dollar Store Crafts task. Keep checking back for more ideas. XOXO, Meg Love it? Share it!

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