DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Made in Minutes for only $1

Required an eleventh hour ugly Christmas sweatshirt for a holiday party? Produce this DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater in minutes for only $1.

Quick DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters for only $1 eachQuick DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters for only $1 each
This enjoyable and simple Christmas craft is

featured at Shutterfly. It is the vacations which indicates a great deal of celebrations. Ugly Christmas sweatshirts are all the rage! You can purchase them, however why not wear

something special? I converted sweatshirts we had into enjoyable holiday sweaters with a craft kit from a dollar shop. You too can create a quick fun appearance in minutes without investing a great deal of money. What could be more enjoyable than your own Do It Yourself Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt? These sweaters are best to use to a White Elephant Present Exchange Celebration!.?.!! We utilized old sweatshirts we had on hand. My partner had a strong red 3/4 zip sweater that he didn’t use any longer due to the fact that it was too big. I picked an old argyle sweater that had actually ended up being frumpy from being the bands stretched

out. We selected a Christmas tree package and gingerbread person kit respectively. Do It Yourself Ugly Christmas Sweater

I went to my regional dollar store and got a felt Christmas craft package.

It was the best size to fit on the front of a sweatshirt. If you are unable to discover a package, you can cut felt to make your own Christmas shapes such

as a tree, snowman, or gingerbread male.< img src=" 600w, 290w"alt=""width="600"height="620"/ > That is it. These sweatshirts went together in minutes. It took longer for the glue gun to heat up than the real construction. I like how they turned out! My daughter thought the gingerbread person on the argyle was funky, however that is what makes it ugly. It would be simple to actually unsightly

the sweatshirts up by gluing on bows, bells, or little Christmas designs. Update: I took my partner’s sweatshirt and

included some pom-poms. I use it with some cute Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt leggings I got. I even made Ugly Christmas Sweaters

for world containers to provide as gifts. Pin this image! Do you have an awful Christmas sweatshirt? Preparation Time 4 minutes Active Time 5 minutes Extra Time 1 minute Total Time 10 minutes Problem easy Approximated Expense$1 Products Sweater out of your closet Felt vacation kit from a dollar store Optional: embellishments Directions Warm up the hot glue gun.Glue together the felt decor kit.Glue the felt decoration to the front of the sweatshirt.

I glued ours in various areas along the edge.Wear the sweater to the

next vacation celebration. Notes Include decorations to change it from year to

year. Did you make

this job? Please

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