DIY Sweatshirt Snowmen

Craft a family of adorable snowmen utilizing recycled sweatshirts and socks! Perfect for gifting and for including a little relaxing to your home at Christmas!

a trio of snowmen crafted from sweaters

Among my all-time preferred things to craft with are sweaters. I’ve produced some pretty cute sweatshirt pumpkins and this year I made some beloved sweatshirt stockings, which are such a terrific way to recycle a sweatshirt and keep it practical, but in an entirely various method!

Who understood that a discarded sweater could be developed into the most captivating snowmen!

Today I’m excited to show you how to make these saucy little snowmen utilizing items you most likely already have on hand! Each one has its own personality, and they are just charming in a trio! neutral snowmen made from discarded sweaters and socks
Let me reveal you how easy it is to make them

… Benefit, no sewing is involved! Supplies for Sweater Snowmen


How to Make Sweater Snowmen Start by cutting the sleeves off your sweatshirt (it goes without stating that you’ve cleaned and dried the sweatshirt initially!)

Turn sleeve completely and using a rubber band, cover it around as often times as possible to keep it shut

Turn right side out and fill with rice. You will utilize a LOT of rice for one snowman, anywhere from 3-6 cups depending upon the stretch of your sweatshirt! So don’t utilize that specialty wild rice you’ve been hoarding!

Utilizing another elastic band, tie the leading shut, snug down around the top of the rice.

step by step

Tip: if your sleeve has a heavy or thick cuff, you’ll want to cut that off first to lower the bulk

And just like that you have actually got the beginnings of a snowman!

Cut the cuff off a sock that collaborates. This will end up being the snowman’s hat.

use a sock for a hat

Cut the excess sweatshirt off the snowman’s head and hot glue the sock

around the snowman’s head, cuff-side down. Make the shape of the snowman by tying ribbon or twine about 1/3 of the method to differentiate the head and the body. Unless you do a truly high snowman, I would not advise 3 areas since it might not stand correctly. 2 will do!

adding personality

Utilizing ribbon, twine or cording, connect completion of the hat tight and snip off excess sock. Include a crocheted flower or other decoration to the hat. Hot glue buttons to the front of the snowman’s stomach.

This is what your snowman must appear like now. It’s time to add the face and see what type of personality emerges!

sweater snowman Paint the tip of a wooden skewer with orange paint and once dry, cut it at an angle and glue to the snowman’s face.The eyes are made from small dots of black acrylic paint. Dot them onto waxed paper, let them dry, select two that match and glue them on (idea: add a dab of hot glue to the snowman’s face and then use the eye rather than adding glue to the eye!) make carrot nose and eyes
How you glue the nose and eyes onto your snowman goes a long way towards adding character. The nose can be glued on slightly sideways, or directly on. The eyes can be close together, more apart, and even balanced out. Have a good time including your own touch to your developments! close up
This one looks a little perplexed! If you ‘d like you can likewise dab on a bit of blush onto his cheeks because, brrr … it’s cold outside! (I didn’t include blush to this snowman). easy DIY sweater snowman
sweater snowman < img alt= "easy Do It Yourself sweater snowman" src=" "/ > I hope you attempt this fast craft! As soon as you get going, you will not have the ability to stop making these charming sweatshirt snowmen! This one is going to my niece for Christmas.

FAQs for Making a Sweater Snowman

Is there a particular type of sweatshirt I should utilize?

You want to utilize a sweater that has a tight weave so that the rice doesn’t fall out! You could likewise use a white cotton t-shirt!

Won’t the rice attract insects?

I have lived in both Florida and Texas, both hot and damp environments and I have not had an issue. I wrap the snowmen in a zipper bag and shop in a sealed plastic bin in my attic.

Do the snowmen need any type of anchor so they don’t tip over?

No, that’s the appeal of utilizing rice! You could likewise utilize small beans like lentils (that’s what I use in my sweatshirt pumpkins). You can squish and mold them into the shape you desire and they’ll remain put!If you have any concerns that you don’t see attended to here, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or leave a comment below!bringing beauty

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