DIY Easy Christmas Tree Lights For Your Backyard

Here is an easy concept to light up your yard for Christmas without investing a lot of money and time. We spent $25-$30 and made 3 trees.

To do this, you will require:

  • 1 1/2″ PVC avenue (found by electrical materials)
  • T posts (make certain the ones you purchase fit inside your pipe)
  • outside string lights
  • landscaping staples (discovered with the gardening supplies)
  • spray paint (for tree “trunk”)

Cut and Paint the Pipeline

Cut the pipeline to your preferred tree height. They come in 10 ft sections. We bought 2 pipelines to make 3 trees; one was left at 10′, and the other was cut to be 6′ and 4′.

Next, you will need to cut notches into one end of each pipe area. These pipes have one bigger end to fit pipelines together, so I advise cutting the smaller sized end. We cut 6 notches in ours utilizing a reciprocating saw, each notch is around 1″ deep.

When you are ended up cutting everything, spray paint the pipelines. I picked green, but black or brown would also work. Or you could make your trees into brighter colors – it depends on you!

Install T Posts

Decide where you desire your tree(s) to go, and installed the T posts. We utilized a 5′ post for the 4′ tree (1 feet remains in the ground), and the other 2 are 6′ posts. Try to make these as level as possible.


Feed your pipes onto the posts. Mark out the radius of your tree. I like to utilize flour in a shaker/large spice container, however marking paint would likewise work. Size is entirely as much as your preferences, but I marked 3′ around the 10′ tree, 2′ for the 6′, and 1 1/2′ for the 4′ tree. You desire your marks close enough to easily see a circle.

Lay Out the Lights

Put the female end of the first hair of lights into the pipe and feed the wire into among the notches. (You can also include a star onto the leading and plug it in here if you wish to!)

From here you will feed the lights to the ground, insert a landscaping staple, pull the hair +/- 1′ along the circle, insert another staple, feed the wires up and into the same notch you came out of, then out the notch beside it.

I just do about 2/3 of the circle, leaving a gap at the back to use less light hairs, however you can do a full circle if you want. I generally wind up utilizing 3 strands for the 10′ tree, 2 strands for the 6′, and 1 strand for the 4′. Some of this is used to string between the trees and connect all of the lights.

Connect the Lights

To link numerous hairs and keep the plugs from pulling apart, twist one hair around the other prior to attaching completions.

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