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Steve & I are the King and Queen of wanting to do things a little different. This year, we were so hectic with work, we thought we would come up with a DIY Christmas tree that wowed without all the difficulty. And after we dropped by the Christmas tree lot and saw how much a tree would cost, we knew we might do better. We had gotten motivated by gorgeous outside light display screens, and alternative Christmas trees we saw in high end resorts and hotels. So, we got to work to make an easy DIY Christmas tree made using only firefly lights! Here is how you can make one too, for less than $60!

DIY Christmas Tree Made Using Firefly Lights– Tutorial

This Do It Yourself Christmas tree just took a few simple supplies.

— 4’x4 ′ piece of pressboard, plywood, or MDF as a base. (We used two 2’x4 ′ pieces)

— Small Cup Hooks to Hold Firefly Lights

— One larger cup hook to anchor the top of the tree at the ceiling

— Firefly lights– Firefly lights are the secret to this job, since they are on a bendable copper wire that remains in place.– Jigsaw– Hammer We chose these small, 1/2 inch cup hooks to anchor our firefly lights around the edge of the base.

These are the firefly lights we obtained from’Amazon’. (Likewise called fairy lights!) They were$49.99 when we bought them. We bought a 1000 light string that was 328 feet long. It enabled us to make a seamless tree with our 9 foot ceiling. The turn over appears to be high on this item, so in case our main link to what we bought stops working, here is a more basic link for firefly lights on Amazon. We bought 2 pieces of affordable MDF from Home Depot. We didn’t have a large sufficient car to get the 4 foot by 4 foot piece that

we wanted for the base, so we bought two 2’x4 ′ pieces and just duct taped them together at home. Yep, duct tape works for that too! Don’t stress, no one will see it once you finish your Do It Yourself Christmas tree! As you can see, we utilized a pencil and string to draw a circle on the wood. We then used a jigsaw to eliminate the circle. We screwed the little cup hooks into the edge of the Christmas tree base roughly every 4 3/4 of an inch. We needed to tap the tops with a hammer to get them to get before we screwed them in. You might also pre drill holes, however make

sure the

holes are a little smaller sized than the thread of the hook. Next you are going to anchor your big hook into the ceiling where you wish the top of this incredible alternative Christmas tree to “live”. We just utilized a bigger 2 1/2 inch cup hook and made sure it entered into a stud for strength and stability. You could also utilize a wall anchor if there is no stud where you want your tree. Center the round base under the ceiling hook.

So here comes the fun part of making your DIY Christmas tree! Covering it with firefly lights! (Or fairy lights, whichever call you choose!) We began the string of firefly lights by covering it 3-4 times around the very first cup hook in the base to secure it. Then it refers going up to the ceiling hook, down to the next bottom hook, then throughout to the adjoining bottom hook, then back up to the ceiling hook and so on. You don’t require to wrap the lights consistently around each hook as in the very first hook. Just when works. See pictures below.

It assists to have an additional hand to loosen up firefly lights while you are going up and down a stepladder, covering them around the hooks to produce the shape of a Christmas tree. Keep in mind to try not to bend the wires too dramatically or deal with the firefly lights too roughly. Firefly lights are unique because they have a copper wire that remains where you flex it. However it likewise makes it easier to break connections inside those tiny wires. We had no problems with our string, but we have read reviews alerting people to be more cautious with firefly lights than they would with regular string lights. And some brand names are much better than others!

Make sure you gently pull the wires tight in between each hook. Gently!


?.!! And now we have the best DIY Christmas tree we ever made, using only firefly lights! This tree is so quite, you don’t require ornaments! The photos do not do it justice. The lights magically glow off every reflective surface area in the space. Ok, onto finishing the look!

So you can cover the base any method you desire. We chose to utilize a basic white tree skirt that just happens to be 48 inches round on the inside of the base. Before you ask, we just gently spread apart the wires to place the skirt and the poinsettia. Two people assist make this simpler. We utilized the plant to cover the hole in the center of the tree skirt, and to include some drama to the tree. You might make a material base from one piece of fleece, or you could use a prettily wrapped gift in the center. Or a million other concepts, it’s your tree!

We then covered the outdoors edge of the base in combined evergreen garland. Even if this is an alternative Christmas tree doesn’t mean we can’t have some green!.?.!! We thought about using white plume boas from a previous glam Christmas style, however we actually wanted the plant. Use your imagination!

With the extra lights at the end of the strand, we wound them around the garland. Then with the last tail of the lights, we ran it under the tree skirt and wrapped the base of the poinsettia pot to provide it a glow.

And here is our basic, economical, contemporary DIY Christmas tree made with firefly lights! As you can see, we echoed the shape of the tree on the other side of the space with a smaller, more traditional Christmas tree. And then we added more poinsettias, and great deals of red & white!

This shows how the poinsettia pot shines during the night! After we took this shot, we ended up wrapping the garland over the window in matching firefly lights


well. The whole room just glows! If you are trying to find an alternative Christmas tree that does not cost a lot and can be reused every year similar to a pricey synthetic

tree, try our Do It Yourself Christmas tree made of firefly lights! Or for you folks in Europe, fairy lights. And after that jump on over to our posts on Creative Christmas Lights for Inside and Starry String Lights for more ideas! And do not forget to take a look at 20 Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas and DIY Christmas mantel decoration ideas and motivation over at TBD! This post may consist of affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more details.

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