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This has been a heavy year for a lot of us. If you’re in need of some levity, these DIY unsightly Christmas sweaters are the best method to lighten things up, get creative and put a smile on individuals’s faces.

Crochet Ugly Christmas Sweater

This Crochet Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt is perfect for anyone searching for a little ugly DIY crochet cachet. Your task will be to crochet a string of dangling, colourful Christmas lights onto a sweatshirt of your picking. What an intense concept for a fun vacation conversation starter!

Instant DIY Sweatshirt

If you like the idea of making an unsightly Christmas sweatshirt, but lack the sewing or crocheting abilities needed to go back to square one, this simple and instantaneous Do It Yourself Christmas Sweater is the ideal option. All you’ll need is an old sweatshirt, some scraps of felt, scissors and glue. If it’s still not unsightly enough, you can quickly up the cool “ick” element by gluing on some extra bows, bells or non-glass tree ornaments. Ugly Christmas Sweater for Kids

If you have kids, best of luck keeping all the awful Christmas sweatshirt enjoyable to yourself. This simple Ugly Christmas Sweater for Kids job is fun and simple to make. They can do most of the work themselves. Maybe don’t call the sweater ugly if a 6 year old made it. Maybe a “extremely ridiculous sweatshirt” moniker would spare their feelings. All you’ll require is an old sweatshirt, felt, pom poms, markers, scissors and material glue.

Couple’s Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts

What’s uglier than an ugly Christmas sweater? A pair of awful Christmas sweatshirts, of course! If you and your SO are searching for a way to invest some quality, silly time together this holiday, these Ugly Christmas Sweaters for couples are sure to take the absurdity element up a notch or two. Get a number of old sweaters or fleece sweatshirts, tinsel garland, letter stencils, sequins and/or whatever else you can think of. There is no wrong way to decorate an awful sweatshirt.

Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

If the above sweatshirts were not unsightly enough for you, possibly you need to celebrate the holidays draped in a giant felt reindeer sweater!.?. !? You’re welcome!

We hope these Do It Yourself awful Christmas sweaters include a little pleasure and lovely ugliness to your vacations.

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