Create your own ‘awful’ Christmas sweater with Do It Yourself concepts from Pinterest

As Christmastime approaches, so does the season of “unsightly sweater” parties. Instead of buying a disappointing sweatshirt you’ll only wear once, let your creativity flow and make one yourself. It’s easier than you might think!

We have actually assembled some of the most popular DIY ugly Christmas sweatshirts on Pinterest that will inspire you to secure the glue weapon and work up something specifically excellent. From bad to even worse, these festive sweaters definitely live up to their “ugly” name.1.

End up being an actual Christmas tree

Truly incredible costumes

While there are many Christmas tree sweaters out there, this one takes it up a notch. You can actually be a Christmas tree with this enjoyable and simple style. Get the tutorial here. See the Pin.2.

Wear cheeky vacation ties


This outfit is as tacky as it gets and absolutely ideal for your unsightly sweatshirt celebration. To make it yourself, all you require is a plain sweatshirt and some seasonal ties. Get the tutorial here. See the Pin.3.

Wear a large Rudolph face

The nation trendy home

To make your own Rudolph sweater, get innovative with some felt, pompoms and other devices from your local craft store. Get the tutorial here. See the Pin.4.

Rock the traditional Christmas tree sweater

The cards we drew

This easy, budget-friendly Christmas sweater uses its ugliness with pride. Take an old sweatshirt, some garland, a mini tree skirt, vacation lights and a hot glue weapon to make this Christmas tree come to life. Get the tutorial here. See the Pin.5.

Attempt matching couples’ sweaters


Team up with your loved one to make a matched set. This duo reindeer sweater has actually been a huge hit on Pinterest for being humorous and simple to recreate. We guarantee, you don’t need to be a master seamstress! Get the tutorial here. See the Pin.6.

Go wild with decorations!NonaChewy Santa, reindeer, sweet walking canes, snowflakes and a Christmas tree make an appearance on this hectic vacation sweater. It’s so ugly, it’s almost charming. Get the tutorial here. See the Pin. This short article was originally published Dec. 5, 2014 on

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