75 Brilliantly unique DIY Christmas trees that anyone can make

Christmas trees are the hallmark of Christmas time. Through the years you’ve probably have had plenty of “traditional” trees. Turns out you can get really crafty with them.

Bored with your same old Christmas tree? Wondering where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered with 75 brilliant and amazing creative examples of how to spice up your festive season.

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Have some doilies lying around your Grandma’s house? Now you can repurpose them into many little Christmas trees easy. Who would’ve thought doilies were outdated?

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2. Floating Christmas Tree

Got a bunch of ornaments, but no tree? We’ve got you covered. Hang all your ornaments with a string and create this invisible tree!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/weallwantriches Source: Reddit/weallwantriches

You definitely already have some wrapping paper lying around after all the present wrapping this season. This tree is a nice little addition to the house. Who says you need to use your wrapping paper for presents?

swiggle1 dot pattern2 A Little Tipsy Source: A Little Tipsy

We all know healthcare workers are essential. Celebrate our heroes by creating an easy PPE tree! This tree is super easy, you really only need air.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/jacks_human Source: Reddit/jacks_human

5. Bookworm Christmas Tree

Turns out all you really need for a tree is a bunch of books! Hopefully, if you’re a bookworm, this will be a simple task. Just make sure you have enough green ones.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Media Tinker Source: Media Tinker

We love a good play on words. If you’re a science teacher or just have a love for science, spice up your environment with an educational and funny tree! Don’t forget to wear your safety glasses!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/jethro-cull Source: Reddit/jethro-cull

Not enough room for a tree in your small apartment? You can always draw your own tree. Hopefully, you’re good at drawing and have a blackboard, of course.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 ALeggUp Source: ALeggUp

8. Christmas Tree Made With Branches

Who said a Christmas tree had to be a whole tree? You can locally source your branches from outside and throw your ornaments on them. Sounds pretty easy and fun to me.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Facebook/Ferreteria Eina Eixerida Source: Facebook/Ferreteria Eina Eixerida

When in doubt, put lights on your dinosaur! Hopefully, you have a big dinosaur in your house. Make sure they have a super fancy green hat too.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

10. Another stacked book Christmas Tree

Another stacked book tree. Just this one is a little bigger. If you can’t find that many green books, you can just use whatever you have lying around.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/Sahaul Source: Reddit/Sahaul

The most comfortable type of Christmas tree. Need a nap? Your tree has you covered.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 carlaaston.com Source: carlaaston.com

12. Minimalistic Branch Christmas Tree

This one is like the other branch tree. Although this one creates a more minimalistic look and feel. It’s never been so easy to make a Christmas tree without the tree.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Bettina Holst Source: Bettina Holst

13. Bacterial Christmas Tree

What a creative and festive petri-dish. Stay 6 feet away from this one. Put on your mask and wash your hands!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/LadyMario Source: Reddit/LadyMario

Can’t afford a tree this year? Easy all you have to do is shape lights into a tree. Maybe you already have some string lights hanging in your room.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

This tree is totally yesterday’s news. Although this would be super easy to make. You never have enough newspaper!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Mother Earth Living Source: Mother Earth Living

Well, technically, this is actually a tree. I mean, it started out as a tree and now it’s come full circle. Hopefully, you have enough colored pencils laying around.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 How To Wiki 89 Source: How To Wiki 89

17. The Movie Lover Christmas Tree

Thank god for our streaming era. Now you have a purpose for all those old DVDs. Want to watch one of the movies in your tree? No need to worry, It’s probably on Netflix.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Coiotul Relaxat Source: Coiotul Relaxat

Have a Jewish and Christian household? No need to fear. You can have the best of both worlds with this Menorah-tree.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/mcsassy3 Source: Reddit/mcsassy3

19. Another “Chemistree”

Just like our last “Chemistree”, but a little more themed. Perfect for our mad scientists. Who said compounds and Christmas couldn’t go together?

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

20. Repurposed Paper Tree

This paper used to be a tree, too. Have an old book that’s falling apart? Bring it back to its natural state by making it into your Christmas tree this season.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Etilonordico Source: Etilonordico

21. 2D Cat-Friendly Christmas Tree

All cat owners know how much they love to mess with the tree. We’ve got the problem solved. All you have to do is create a 2D tree, can’t topple over anymore!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

Really good at origami? You can make your own tree! Although this one seems to take a little practice.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Stephen’s Origami Source: Stephen’s Origami

Left over Halloween candy from this year? Make into your tree! Hopefully, you don’t eat it all before Christmas day.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 lookiewhatidid Source: lookiewhatidid

24. Wooden Board Christmas Tree

If you’re “board” the same old Christmas tree, you can just make your own. You can also stack your presents on the tree. Don’t forget you can use different shades of wood to add dimension.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Welke Source: Welke

Love winter and the holiday season? You can make a tree that has it all. If you’ve never experienced a white Christmas, now you can from the comfort of your own home.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 OF Design Source: OF Design

26. Marvel Christmas tree

Well, this character is actually a tree. You might as well decorate him for Christmas. I am Groot.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

27. Upside Down Christmas Tree

Maybe if you drink enough eggnog, this tree will go right-side up. If it’s not there yet, you probably need to keep drinking. Or you could just turn your head.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 A colorful journey Source: A colorful journey

28. Minecraft Christmas Tree

Are you a lover of Minecraft? You can show if off by creating your own Minecraft themed tree. Merry Blockmas!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

29. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

This tree is ideal for small spaces. You can have the Christmas feel easily and all you need is tissue paper. Just try not to rip it.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Curbly Source: Curbly

30. Carpenters Christmas Tree

Do you know a carpenter or are one yourself? You can create the perfect base. Just add some lights to it and you have your very own constructed tree.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Varpunen Source: Varpunen

31. Circuit Board Christmas Tree

This is every techies dream. Technology has done many things for us. Now it can also be our tree.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

32. Take Note Christmas Tree

Post-it’s are always lying around the house. Now you can make your tree into a creative activity for your children. Hopefully, you have some green ones.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Yvonne Byatt’s Family Fun Source: Yvonne Byatt’s Family Fun

33. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Another easily sourced tree. All you need is to go driftwood hunting and some white paint! Although a longer project, this tree is beautiful and will really pay off.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

34. King Kong Christmas Tree

Already have a tree, but want to spice it up? Replace that angel with a rendition to a classic. Hopefully, you include Santa in the plane too.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

Got any old magic cards lying around? You can create the most magical kind of tree yet. Make sure they are tree cards though!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

36. Drunken Christmas Tree

It must’ve taken a lot of drunken nights to create this tree. People will do anything for their art. Hopefully, you have friends to help you drink.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

37. Retro Gaming Christmas Tree

For our video game lovers! Want to live your life in 8-Bit? Create this beautiful rendition to impress all your friends and family.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur/CommaDolls Source: Imgur/CommaDolls

38. Knick Knack Christmas Tree

Got a bunch of knick-knacks lying around the house? All you need is to collect them all and put them into a Christmas tree shape. Decorating the tree has never been so easy.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Favbulous Source: Favbulous

39. Reuse and Recycle Christmas Tree

This one might be too difficult to create at home. Although if you want to try it, just make sure you don’t knock it over. That would be a lot of glass to clean up.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Kontakt24 Source: Kontakt24

40. Portal Christmas Tree

Enter different dimensions with this portal tree. I don’t think you’ll be able to jump through it yourself, though. It must only work for Christmas trees.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur/dashopepper Source: Imgur/dashopepper

41. The Angel Christmas Tree

We love a good play on words. Replace the traditional angel and use Angel from Dexter instead. Although, I don’t think the show is very merry.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/bradzal Source: Reddit/bradzal

42. Cartoon Simulation Christmas Tree

Jump into an alternative universe with this tree. Finally, an option to make cartoons come alive! Hope it doesn’t sprout two legs and starts walking.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

43. Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Green eggs and ham! One mans trash is another mans treasure. Save up your egg cartons and coffee creamers this holiday season.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Favbulous Source: Favbulous

44. Car man’s Christmas Tree

Are you a big car guy? Well, we got the tree for you. This one might be too big for the house. Maybe it’s best to keep it on the front lawn.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Just a car guy Source: Just a car guy

45. Helping Hands Christmas Tree

Another tree to involve the entire family. Who knew there were so many kid-friendly Christmas trees? This takes handy to a whole other level.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Favbulous Source: Favbulous

46. Right-side Up Christmas Tree

Yet another upside down Christmas tree. Or is it right-side up? This one is made from wire. Weird, but I guess it works.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

47. A Minimalists Christmas Tree

A minimalists Christmas dream. This is for the people who don’t like a big showy Christmas. This could use some lights, though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Favbulous Source: Favbulous

48. Wine Not? Christmas Tree

Big wine drinkers in the house? “Wine” not make a tree out of the corks. Save all your corks and maybe next year you can make it even bigger.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Pinterest/Ashley Clouser Leonard Source: Pinterest/Ashley Clouser Leonard

49. Organized Christmas Tree

Love playing tetris? Bring it into real life this holiday season. Hopefully, you have enough green and white stuff for it.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Favbulous Source: Favbulous

50. Mountain Dew Christmas Tree

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you this is all made from Mountain Dew. All you need is 400 cans and a deep love for soda. Don’t forget about the 2 liter bottle on top.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Mdewtree Source: Mdewtree

51. Ribbon Christmas Tree

We’ve seen this before. Taking stuff you used to wrap presents and making it into a tree. This time its ribbon.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Whipper Berry Source: Whipper Berry

This one is a magical masterpiece. Hopefully, you’re a glassblower. If so, this is easy.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Twitter/laurabeilecki Source: Twitter/laurabeilecki

53. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

An adult version of a Charlie Brown Christmas. This one is super easy to make. All you need is some twigs from the park and some puff balls!

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Favbulous Source: Favbulous

54. Godzilla Christmas Tree

Another creative rendition tree. Who knew Godzilla could be so festive? This one might to be hard to have at home though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/SKDraklan Source: Reddit/SKDraklan

This is how they do Christmas in Madrid. Although, a little more difficult to create at home. I’m sure the people in Spain loved it.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Flickr/Enric Archivell Source: Flickr/Enric Archivell

56. Festive Rake Christmas Tree

Looking for something that’s shaped like a tree? All you need is a rake as your base. I mean, there’s a first time for everything right?

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Facebook/Inspirations of Old Source: Facebook/Inspirations of Old

57. Pizza Lover Christmas Tree

You’d have to hoard a lot of pizza boxes to make this one happen. I’d definitely get tired of Dominos after making this. Hopefully, you love pizza.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/insaneluchador Source: Reddit/insaneluchador

58. LED Spinning Christmas Tree

Now this is a tree from the future. This LED light tree is extremely visually pleasing. Now we are finally living in the 20th century.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 ZedoMax Source: ZedoMax

Who thought it was a good idea to weld a bunch of metal into a Christmas tree? I mean, it’s genius. I’d keep this one outside though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 PBase Source: PBase

60. Another Pacman Christmas Tree

One Pacman tree to rule them all. This was also seen in Madrid. They must do Christmas really well out there.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Flickr/carlos Source: Flickr/carlos

61. Fully Loaded Christmas Tree

Show off your right to keep and bear arms. I mean, what’s Christmas without guns, right? I guess, if you’re in the USA.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Pinterest/Sue Harden Source: Pinterest/Sue Harden

62. Hanger Christmas Tree

This could even pass as fine art. They even used green hangers. Now this is Christmas on a budget.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 The Christmas Blog 2017 Source: The Christmas Blog 2017

63. University Library Christmas Tree

Well, this tree was in a library, so it was easy to get that many books. The globe is also a really nice touch. Let’s just hope someone doesn’t want any of those.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Imgur Source: Imgur

64. A Bookstore Christmas Tree

Hopefully, no books were harmed in the making of this tree. Again, this was in a bookstore, so I guess they had plenty to spare.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Facebook/Juniper Books Source: Facebook/Juniper Books

65. College Kids Christmas Tree

The perfect Christmas tree for a frat house. All you need is to stack some solo cups. Now this is Christmas on the college kid budget.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Pinterest/Denise Elena Source: Pinterest/Denise Elena

66. Binary Christmas Tree

Apparently, these numbers spell Christmas Tree in binary. Now this one is really creative. Not sure about the yams under the tree though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/IBorealis Source: Reddit/IBorealis

67. Recycled Bike Christmas Tree

Bicycles shouldn’t work as a Christmas tree, but now it does. Like many other examples, this one might be better on the front lawn. It will probably take a lot of work, though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Facebook/The Rocks Source: Facebook/The Rocks

68. Fine Art Christmas Tree

Who said Christmas tress couldn’t be fine art? This one was on display in an art museum. Turn your tree into an artistic masterpiece.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Michael Johansson Source: Michael Johansson

69. Photographers Christmas Tree

Lazy or just really creative? All you need for this tree is a tripod. If you’re into photography or film, this is probably up your alley.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Pinterest/Eszter Bischof Source: Pinterest/Eszter Bischof

70. Succulent Christmas Tree

Crazy plant lover? This is the tree for you. All you need is a bunch of succulents.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/crazysucculentlady Source: Reddit/crazysucculentlady

71. Extra Extra Tall Christmas Tree

Bring home a tree that’s too tall? No problem. It’s not the tree that’s too big, it’s just the roof that’s too small.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/Hello_Wisconsin Source: Reddit/Hello_Wisconsin

72. Water Bottle Christmas Tree

Do you work in an office? You can easily make a sustainable tree. Just collect water bottles from the recycling bin over the year.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Instagram/Sustainablemindz Source: Instagram/Sustainablemindz

73. Encyclopedia Christmas Tree To Rule Over All The Book Trees

Now this is one wise tree. Finally, there’s one giant book tree to rule them all. I don’t know where you would get that many encyclopedias, though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Reddit/sa-steve-va Source: Reddit/sa-steve-va

74. Hubcap Christmas Tree

Another tree for the carman. You could pair your tire tree nicely with a hubcap one. I’d put this one outside too, though.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Hemmings Source: Hemmings

75. Healthy Christmas Tree

On a health kick this year? We’ve got the perfect tree for you. All you need is a quick trip to your nearest grocery store.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Instagram/tabb_oule Source: Instagram/tabb_oule

Turns out anything could be turned into a Christmas tree. You just have to think outside the box. It could even be something as simple as the rake in your garage.

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