40+ Classy DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Want

40 expensive looking diy christmas gifts your friends will actually want! This post may contain affiliate links for products I love and recommend.

We all know it’s the thought that counts, but whats even better is creating DIY Christmas gifts that your friends actually want to recieve.

After all, if you are going to go through all the effort to make thoughtful, handmade gifts for the people you care about, let’s not give them projects that will only end up unused and unloved after the holidays.

These 40 incredibly classy DIY Christmas gifts will impress and inspire your friends and be items they are excited to use and cherish in the future. That’s the whole point in handmade after all right?

So without further ado, let’s get started! Click on any link below to see the full tutorial and get making!

These DIY wire wrapped rings are surprisingly simple to make and are perfect for the absolute beginner jewelry-maker! Extra credit if you gift them in a cute jewelry box. Snag a pack of 25 White Jewelry Boxes for less than $10 on Amazon.com here You could even add stones in different sizes and colors to create interesting and completely new looks. These easy DIY Christmas Gifts are easy to complete on a quiet afternoon and make great, thoughtful presents. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

DIY Wire wrapped Rings

Leather wallets can be so expensive yet are super simple to make yourself. This DIY slim wallet is the perfect project if you are a beginner at sewing and even comes with a FREE printable pdf pattern!

I designed this DIY wallet to be ultra-slim, super-simple to make, and above all, convenient to carry. Today, I’ll be encouraging you to make this from a faux suede or faux leather instead of a dead creature. It’s cheaper to make that way anyways. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

At the end of a long day of holiday shopping, there is often nothing nicer than an indulgent salt bath. Unwinding in a warm tub with a candle and a glass of tea can make even the most hectic season of the year feel more manageable. When our days get busy and  schedules get over-booked, it becomes even more important to create a few simple self-care rituals to re-fill and refuel. That’s why your friends will love and appreciate this simple beauty recipe! SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE

How to make your own rose bath salts

With gift-giving season in full swing, what better time to make unique jewelry for everyone on your list? In this tutorial, we’ll be making these awesome earrings from an old recycled vinyl record! Most thrift stores carry a collection of vinyl records for about a quarter each. The best part? You’ll be able to make several earring sets from a single record to make several DIY Christmas Gifts for less than $1.00! See the full tutorial here.

This DIY scrunchie is my favorite way to use up scraps of fabric, save your hair, and sleep more comfortably. It also makes a great stocking stuffer! You could make several in an afternoon and pass them out as practical DIY Christmas gifts during the next family gathering. Grab the free printable sewing pattern and make your own HERE.

When you don’t know what else to give, a safe bet is always storage and organization options. This chic ombre ring stand is so easy to make and holds several rings. Better yet, make a few rings to gift with it! Scroll down to see even more ring tutorials. SEE THE RING STAND TUTORIAL HERE.

The host of any holiday party is likely one of the most exhausted people of all during the holidays… even though she’ll probobly look like she’s got it all figured out. Show your appreciation and gratitude for bringing everyone together by adding a DIY Crystal Wine Stopper to a bottle of wine when you arrive. She’ll remember it forever.

diy Christmas gifts for house warming

The quick and straight-forward circle purse tutorial is the perfect handmade accessory for your trendiest friends. The design comes with two exterior pockets that are spacious enough to hold the largest iphone, recipets, and a small wallet. The inside contains one large storage compartment large enough for everything else you’ll need during the day. The best part? This project only takes about an hour to complete.

When you are done with this circle bag project, you’re friend will have an adorable purse she can use every day and you’ll have some new skills you can keep in your back pocket. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

The ultimate guide to bag making

There’s something about a lariat that’s both timeless and incredbly unique. Pair it with geodes and leather and you’ve got yourself an incredibly expensive-looking, statement jewelry piece that took you just miunutes to make. Present it in this Hand Carved Rosewood Jewelry Box for just $10.00 for the ultimate gift-giving experience. See the Geode Lariat Tutorial HERE.DIY Lariat necklace from a geode and wire wrapped crystals This is such an awesome DIY jewelry making tutorial

We all have a friend who can never find her chapstick, her tampons, her keys… you get the idea. Give her these cute and totally practical DIY Christmas gifts with this tutorial. These adorable triangular pouches are super-simple to make, totally versatile, and can be completed in ten minutes. Yup…. you read that correctly. You can bust out these no-sew leather wallet pattern in under ten minutes. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

In this simple tutorial, we’ll be learning how to sew a loop scarf in under 20 minutes. Really. Since this project is so quick and easy to complete, it also makes for an easy handmade gift. Make one for you…and then one for a friend.  SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE

Its no wonder the star of Fixer Upper wears lightweight leather earrings in every episode. They are perfect and lightweight for every day. This tutorial even comes with a video tutorial, printable templates, and shoppable links to get all the supplies you’ll need for less. See the tutorial HERE.

how to make leather earrings

Why is statement jewelry so expensive? DIY a custom wire-wrapped cuff from Liquid Polymer Clay with this simple tutorial and video. It looks complicated, but can be made in just a few minutes. It looks expensive, but takes just a few bucks to complete. Give this tutorial a try. Your jewelry-collecting friend will thank you.

diy boho jewelry tutorials Liquid Sculpey Cuff Jewelry Tutorial

These matching DIY stone bracelets are the adult-version of those cheesy necklaces you had with your bestie in elementary school. Plus, if you’re a crystal junkie like me, you can customize them with your friends birth stones, custom colors, or unique healing properties. MAKE YOUR OWN WITH THE TUTORIAL HERE.

This tutorial by VintageRevivals.com is awesome for neighbors, grandparents, parents, and your friend who bought a house this year. Grab the kids and create a pot together for added memories and sentimental value. See the full tutorial HERE.

diy christmas gifts SprayPaintMarbling16

What I love most about this little DIY is that you can make so many at a time. Added bonus if you make them in different sizes and wear several at a time for a boho-layered look. The stacked wire layers in the back can be separated for a bigger presence on your finger or kept tightly wound for a more minimalist look. See the full tutorial w/ video instructions here.

diy Christmas gifts for friend

This no-sew bowl is the perfect addition to your nightstand, dresser, or vanity to keep all your jewelry, keys, coins, etc. organized. Plus, it’s crazy-easy to make yet costs a small fortune in the stores! See the full tutorial Here.

quick and easy DIY Christmas gifts

A woven purse is perfectly casual, matches almost anything, and perfectly bohemian. Since weaving our own wicker fabrics would be too time consuming and technical, I thought up an easier alternative. Why don’t we make our DIY woven purse out of placemats!

This project comes with step by step instruction as well as an easy to follow video tutorial. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

How to make a woven purse from a decorative straw charging plate

These Statement Drop earrings are super eay to make and cost just pennies to complete! Watch the full video tutorial and make a few to give to your party-going friends. They make great earrings for both Christmas and New Years parties. See the video tutorial here.

diy boho jewelry tutorials Liquid Sculpey Jewelry Tutorial earrings

This marble tablet cover looks incredibly professional especially compaired to other DIY Christmas gifts. The simple tutorial by SugarAndSpice.com will have you making them for all of your friends this holiday! See the full tutorial HERE.

diy christmas gifts DIY-kindle-cover-540-6

Have you ever had an image of the perfect clutch in your head but haven’t been able to find it in stores? For this tutorial, I thought I’d make my dream clutch with you! This DIY clutch is roomy enough to fit everything you need (even a laptop and sketchbook) while still looking amazing. It takes only a few materials and can be sewn in less than an hour. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

This project is a travel necessity that most of us don’t have on hand. It takes up almost zero space in your luggage, protects your makeup brushes during transit, and costs next to nothing to make. The thing you’ll wish you had before your next trip is a roll-up DIY makeup brush holder. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

Simple DIY Makeup Brush Holder Travel Rolls .

Make these earrings in just a few mintes from Liquid Polymer Clay. The inexpensive clay creates beautifully intricate jewelry that looks store-bought… without the expense. See the full tutorial Here.

Liquid Sculpey Boho jewelry tutorials Earring Jewelry Tutorial with tassels

This awesome tutorial by Dawn Neumeister of Hometalk will show you how to press real flowers and use them to decorate glass teacups to make homemade candles. What an incredible way to bring some springtime in when the weather is freezing and everything outside looks dead. See the full tutorial here.

diy christmas gifts candle

This DIY sunglasses case is the perfect little bag to keep your shades safe and scratch-free. You can also use it as a cute little pouch, or even a little clutch when you don’t want to carry much. GET THE FREE PRINTABLE PATTERN HERE.

Basic Clutch sunglasses holder with FREE pdf printable pattern

In this tutorial I thought it would be fun to take some old, basic bangles and turn them into something truly unique by wrapping them to create a colorful watch. You can make this totally unique and gift-worthy bracelet in about an hour. I love how simple this project is and how fun it turns out!

For this boho chic bracelet watch tutorial, I decided to stick with colors I wear often. That’s the fun of DIY right? Deep reds, silver, and brown and pretty “safe” hues but still bring warmth to an otherwise neutral outfit.

I believe that on days when you’re not feeling your best, something magical happens when you put on statement jewelry. They elevate a basic t-shirt to something extraordinary, give you a boost in confidence and make you feel more elevated instantly. Because if you have to get dressed every day, let’s make it fun shall we? SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

These timeless velvet hair bows are perfect for holiday parties, family get-togethers, and more. I love the classic look of a velvet bow and this easy tutorial by SweetRedPoppy.com makes them the perfect DIY Christmas Gifts! See the full tutorial here.

diy christmas gifts velvet bows

These earrings come with a totally free printable template with three teardrop sizes so you can choose what style suits you best. You can also use the template to stack the leather to create different tiers, layer them, or create unique waterfall effects. Being free to come up with your own designs is part of the fun after all! See the full tutorial here.


Running behind on your holiday shopping? These lovely scented soy candles by CocoKelley.com make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. These beauties look and smell divine, but by doing them yourself, you won’t have to splurge on those fancy candles (and expedited shipping!)  See the tutorial Here.

diy christmas gifts Soy-Candle-DIY

This two-tone necklace is awesome… and unisex! Make matching ones for your partner or create unique pendants for everybody in the entire family! By using liquid polymer clay, these DIY Christmas gifts come together quickly and easily with less mess and complications than resins or other mediums. See the full tutorial here.

Liquid Sculpey diy boho jewelry tutorials two tone Jewelry Tutorial

There are few things as versatile as a classic tote. Stock it with towels and sunscreen for a beach day, carry it to your next farmers market, or even create the perfect carry-on for your next vacation. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to make a classic tote with a printable easy tote bag pattern!

This particular tote comes in three different sizes to cater to whatever you may need. Want a few DIY bags for your next farmer’s market? I’ve got you covered. How about a new carry-all for your next girls trip? It’s right here. Perhaps you just need something to help get your books to and from places? Check.


3 easy DIY tote bag patterns

By using easy-to-make pendants, these DIY stacking necklaces come together in just a matter of minutes. Watch the vode tutorial to follow along and create expensive looking jewelry for pennies! See the full tutorial here.

In this tutorial, we’ll be making a boho-style, DIY fringe bag out of a straw kitchen placemat! This is seriously the easiest DIY purse tutorial you have ever seen.

You can get this project completed in under 30 minutes, takes inexpensive supplies, and looks unique when you’re finished. Sounds perfect right? SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

This simple tutorial by StyleMePretty.com is quick and easy to make and gives a winter home some extra love during the holidays. Add a succulent or cacti for your friend who struggles to keep plants alive, and she’ll thank you. See the tutorial here.

diy christmas gifts Hanging-Copper-Planter

The feather shape of these simple earrings has a bohemian vibe that still remains polished and chic. By completing this specific project, you’ll learn how to work with leather, the basics in creating your own earrings, and how to layer leather pieces within a single jewelry piece. See the full tutorial here.

If you happen to have sand from your last vacation, this resin jewelry tutorial makes sentimental DIY Christmas gifts. Use the sand to make beautiful beach-inspired jewelry for your travle buddy. They also make thoughtful gifts to send to loved ones far away- sending a sentimental piece of home to them for the holidays (that won’t cost a lot to ship!) See the full tutorial here.

DIY resin jewelry pendants easy jewelry making tutorial

Why is geometric jewelry so expensive? This easy to follow tutorial by ABeautifulMess.com walks you through how to make professional-looking jewelry in just a few steps. See the full tutorial here.

diy christmas gifts

Can you imagine the smile on the hostess’ face when she sees you present her with a cheese platter on this incredible tray? This incredible DIY marble serving tray works beautifully in nearly every room in the house. I love the gold handles and clean lines. See the full tutorial by AlmostMakesPerfect.com here.

diy christmas gifts diy-marble-tray-

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