18 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts To Sew

18 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts To Sew

If you love stitching and are trying to find fun gift ideas that will not break the bank, take a look at this collection of Christmas gift concepts that you can sew. All of these patterns can be finished quickly in a weekend or less, just in case you need to make some eleventh hour gifts. From home and fashion accessories to charming items you can produce kids and children, these adorable and easy to stitch gifts are sure to delight everyone on your Christmas present list.

Happy sewing!

1. Zipper Card Pouch

Zipper Card Pouch

< img src="http://craft-lovers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Zipper-Card-Pouch.jpg 588w, http://craft-lovers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Zipper-Card-Pouch-300x200.jpg 300w"alt="Zipper Card Pouch"width="588"height="392"/ > Tutorial: Craft Passion 2. Adorable Custom Baby Bibs Tutorial: Woman by the Bay 3.

Fabric Keychains Tutorial: Jedi Craft Girl 4. iPad Case Tutorial: All Of Us Stitch 5. Infant Shoes Tutorial: The Home Mama 6. Shopping Bag with Adorable Rope Manages Tutorial: SewCanShe 7. Video camera Cozy Tutorial: Evil Mad Researcher 8. Lunch Bag

Tutorial: Avoid to My Lou 9.

lunch bag

Quilted Circle Coasters Tutorial: CraftFoxes 10. Portable Doll house More information: Serving Pink Lemonade 11. Sleeping Mask Tutorial: The Marvel Forest 12. Smart device Wallet

Smartphone Wallet

Tutorial: My 3 Beasts

13. Sweater Slipper Boots

sweater slipper boots

< img src="http://craft-lovers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/sweater-slipper-boots.jpg 750w, http://craft-lovers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/sweater-slipper-boots-300x206.jpg 300w"alt="sweater slipper boots"width="750"height="516"/ > Tutorial: House Sweet Soul 14. Sunglasses Case Tutorial: Polka Dot Chair

15. Fabric Bookmarks Tutorial: Things to Make and Do 16. Heart Coffee Cozy Tutorial: Just Noteworthy 17. EMOJI Keyrings Tutorial: Crafternoon Cabaret Club 18

. Carefree Cat from Scraps Tutorial: Stitch Toy

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Pullovers

Christmas Pullovers

Christmas Dresses

Christmas Dresses

Christmas Jewelry