11 Ways to DIY a Boho-Style Christmas Tree

We independently select these items– if you buy from among our links, we might make a commission.So you’re going for

a boho-themed Christmas tree this year, and you’re feeling a little stumped about how to make that take place. (Pun very much intended.) The bright side is that bringing a tree into your living-room is extremely boho by itself– meaning that by bringing the outdoors in, you’re already halfway there. And there are a lot of alternatives to help you take it the rest of the way all on your own.

Boho design is all about an unapologetic mix of colors, textures, and patterns with a natural bent. Think: florals, rope, turfs, tassels, and other relaxing, lived-in components that let you accept your inner maximalist— all of which are extremely DIY-friendly.

In short, there’s no such thing as “excessive” when it concerns your boho Christmas tree, so from accessories, to tree skirts, to sparkling lights and stars, here’s everything you require to invite a breezy little warmth and cheer into your house this holiday season.1.

Crocheted Scandi-style tree skirt

This crocheted tree skirt represents the boho trifecta: tassels, texture, and wood beads. Even better, it’s made from a pattern by @cozynooksdesigns, so you can stick with the subtle, Scandi-themed shades envisioned here, or reach for any colorful skeins you have lying around. The more clashing, the merrier.Flowers and trees

make a lot sense together that it’s truthfully unexpected you do not see this combination more often. However blooms and blossoms are perfect for a boho theme; location them in a constant swirl around the tree or studded among other accessories and colorful welcoming cards for a riot of appealing color.3. Fragrant citrus garland The only problem with these spectacular citrus garlands is that you won’t be able to make just one.

The minute you have actually turned off the oven

after drying your first tree-decorating batch– put them in for three hours at 200 degrees, recommends Instagrammer Korie Herold– you’ll be hurting to slice up some more juicy mandarins to embellish your mantelpiece also.4. Pampas turf tree topper When it concerned picking a tree-topper, Instagrammer Vanessa Marie looked no further than nature itself. Shecrowned her autumn-themed tree with a spray of pampas, connecting it into the rest of her decors with matching

golden sprigs down below, and completing the appearance with the final pumpkins of the season.5. Do It Yourself string star accessory For a more conventional look, the folks over at Ey to Zee Creative have you covered, with a template for a string-wrapped star that’s as budget-friendly as it stands out.(And, again, customizable– attempt using a yarn flecked with sparkles for a frost-kissed appearance.)Follow their directions to construct your star with just a few materials you probably already

have at house, then put the completed product at the top of the tree in the position of honor. You can likewise nestle the stars among the needles where your twinkly lights can shine through.6. Easy crocheted accessories Blogger Rachel Alford doesn’t just develop genius DIY boho styles. She likewise offers up many of them free of charge at her site, Cozy Nooks Styles, and this year’s three accessories are can’t-miss out on. All you’ll need to craft your own macrame tree or whimsical wreath is some stiff cotton wool, a wood ring, and some beads, and your tree will be overflowing with boho vibes in no time.7. Tassels and yarn and pom poms This tasseled, pom pom-covered production is for color fans. The maximalist delight works specifically well on an artificial or flocked tree, which makes these bright shades pop. Stuff it with all your favorite colors , shapes, and beaded garlands, and simply when it begins to seem like too much … include a little bit more.8. Hanging planter ornaments It’s hard to think of anything more boho than a macrame hanging planter overflowing with greenery. These accessories from A Lovely Mess nail the look exactly, with teeny terracotta pots filled with synthetic succulents.9. Simple and elegant wood bead ornaments What’s cool about these stylish, natural wood bead developments from Instagrammer Happiness in the Journey is that they’re simple to make, and definitely wonderful as ornaments. Or if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, simply keep stringing easy wood beads on a string and all of an unexpected you’ve made yourself a joyful garland that will fit with literally any decoration.10. Luxe velvet and pom tree skirt This no-sew tree skirt from Style Love Fest is dotted with yarn pom poms for an enjoyable pop of

color. You can personalize it to be any hue

you desire– and all you’ll require to pull it together is material, scissors, glue, and yarn.11. Or, forget the tree and do a Christmas-y cactus rather When it pertains to boho style, there are even alternatives for those without trees.

Embrace the Southwestern side of life by(thoroughly!

)covering your living cactus in twinkly lights, or produce your own DIY saguaro like the folks at Hey Wanderer, and then adorn it with lights, pretty flowers, colorful accessories, and garlands. Essentially, anything(and everything)your little heart desires.

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